5 Christmas Content Ideas to Raise the Holiday Spirit

twine thumbnail 5 Christmas content ideas to raise the holiday spirit

Where’s Your Holiday Spirit?

As a business, you can’t ignore Christmas – those that don’t take advantage of the holiday spirit have a lot to answer for in the New Year. So, why not jump on board?

A wise prophet once said, Christmas is all around us, and wherever they are – they’re right! There’s plenty of opportunities to step into a fun, media Christmas without completely sabotaging your business’s reputation. In fact, reports say creating a commercialized, Christmas social media campaign, can help your performance.

Have yourself a very merry Christmas social, and take a gander through our festive content ideas – perfect to get your customers in the holiday spirit.

1. Good Branding We Bring, To You and Your Kin…

Christmas content decor on floor

Christmas doesn’t just mean decorating your house or putting a few baubles on your tree (which inevitably gets pine needles all over the floor…). Your brand needs to embrace the festive season too!

For instance, your logo doesn’t have to be completely immutable and Christmas is the perfect time to switch it up a bit. Why not perch a reindeer on top of your business’ name, or just give it a quick color change (we hear red and green is super in right now) over the holiday?

You can also make small changes to other parts of your branding – like sticking some virtual tinsel up on your website, or dotting a few Christmassy graphics & illustrations around on your blog.
Whatever you decide, it’s a great way to join the Christmas party, and instill some cheer in your web visitors!

You can also work Christmas themes into your marketing materials over the season. For example, if you make a print ad, find ways to work the holiday spirit into it, in the form of festive shapes or icons. McDonald’s does this well in the ad below – showing off their french fries in the form of a Christmas tree.

McDonalds Christmas tree

2. I Saw Mummy Poking Santa Claus on Facebook

It seems obvious, but make sure you get your social media ready before the holidays hit, not as they’re arriving!

As Christmas approaches, you’ll notice that big brands will adjust their social media and gear towards their Christmas campaign – whether it’s Costa suggesting their coffee as the ideal Christmas shopping pick-me-up or Argos sharing gift inspiration on their page.

You can do the same by preparing Christmas-themed content in advance. What about commissioning Christmas illustrations for your Instagram page or having a new, festive cover photo designed?

You could get a photographer to take a cozy, wintry picture of one of your products and post that to your channels. Check out this post by Urban Decay to see what we mean.

urban decay Facebook Christmas post

Perhaps, most importantly, you should get all of your holiday-themed posts written and scheduled – especially if you’re off over Christmas. The last thing you want is to have to put together a Facebook post at 5pm on Christmas Day after six too many mulled wines – save that treat for your personal accounts!

3. Don’t Be a Mean One, Mr Grinch…

Christmas is a time for giving, so it’s definitely worth giving something back to your loyal customers. Plus, who doesn’t like presents?

Give your customers something to be happy about – for example, a free gift, voucher, or discount. Last Christmas, we gave our members a free Twine Pro account!


4. Make a Christmas Video!*

When people actively look forward to your Christmas ad (hello John Lewis and Coca Cola), you know you’ve got Christmas marketing down to a T.

While you might not be at quite that level, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it too! A holiday-inspired Christmas video or animation is a fantastic piece of content to share on your channels – what better way to share the holiday spirit than to create a piece of Christmas content that goes viral!?

*sidenote: sorry, I appear to have run out of Christmas song-related puns…

Santa Christmas tree drinking coca cola

5. Deck The Emails With Bells of Holly (Okay, I’ll stop…)

Although sending individual Christmas cards might be a little pricey, luckily, a nicely designed Christmas email can do the job just as well!

Don’t make it pointless though – include some news about your company, like Christmas opening hours (if relevant), or how they can claim their Christmas present from you.

If you’re a retail company, including things like delivery dates is a very good idea to mention, as your customer may consider your products as a good option for Christmas presents! This said, you probably don’t want to send it on Christmas day itself – very rarely do people appreciate an email at Christmas, even when only trying to share the holiday spirit…

Christmas tree with speckled Christmas lights

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