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When it comes to designs and artwork, whether for personal use or for your business, a freelance graphic designer is a perfect candidate to see it through. If you’re in need of some top-quality artwork but don’t have the skills yourself, you’re gonna need to consult the experts.

We know it can be daunting reaching out to people, especially when they work in a different industry from you. Where should you look? What should you ask for? How do you know who to trust? Our guide to finding you the perfect freelance graphic designer will make it less of a minefield for you.


Not to toot our own horn, but when it comes to finding a freelance graphic designer, we think we’ve got it in the bag.

Twine is a quality-focused marketplace that specialises in creative and digital freelancers. However, what separates Twine from other freelance marketplaces is its reliable and trustworthy vetting process.

Not only do our team vet each and every individual project pitch, but they also ensure that our freelancers are credible and top-quality. Our other perks include: 

  • Twine Pro: no pitch limit on any job, send more pitches than ever before to clients on the platform and absolutely NO transaction fees. 
  • No hidden/upfront cost: you pay only if and when you hire a freelancer, never before.
  • Support: the customer support team are working constantly to ensure you’re only getting the very best out of your freelancer. Need help with anything? They’re only a message away. 

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, Twine provides only the best, top-quality freelancers. To help you save time and money on outsourcing, Twine is an excellent option for hiring a freelance graphic designer.


If you’re a freelance graphic designer, you’re probably using Instagram.

This image-sharing social media platform has turned into one of the leading ways that designers (from illustrators all the way to web developers) get hired!

Along with being what is essentially a free online portfolio service, it can also be a great way to connect like-minded creatives together, forming an online community. There are almost an inordinate amount of artists using this platform, so there won’t be any shortage of finding the right graphic design services for you.

However – this can be its downfall too. With so many freelance creatives on Instagram, the oversaturated market can be hard to navigate as a client looking for some quick business. It’s also not exactly the most above-board option: users on Instagram aren’t vetted, so who knows who you’re hiring? It may be somebody completely unqualified, impersonating somebody else…

Online Design Communities

man working on design tablet creating graphic designs as a freelance graphic designer

Online design communities are a fantastic way to find a freelance graphic designer.

Graphic designers from around the world will be using these communities as a way to socialize and connect with other artists and individuals like them – usually with a friendlier approach than other social media platforms. They’ll also be looking for feedback and opportunities to enhance their skills and learn more.

It should be noted that although online communities are great for matching freelancers with other freelancers, they’re not always ideal for matching clients with freelancers. For example, the artists using the platform may not necessarily be looking for freelance graphic design jobs – more so, for the opportunity to discover new insights into the design industry.

That being said, it’s still worth checking out! Two of our favorites are Behance and Dribbble.

Local Artists

Need to find graphic designers? -

Looking up “graphic artist near me” or “graphic design near me” isn’t the only way to discover local talent…

Don’t forget meet-ups and events in your local area! If you’re lucky enough to live in a large town or city, there are probably a few freelance graphic designer events happening under your very nose…

Arts & crafts fairs or exhibition events are great opportunities for clients to discover creatives freelancers. Here, artists are in their natural habitat, so an informal chat about your project would be a great opportunity for you to find the right freelance creative for you!

Make sure you’re subscribed to local news bulletins in your area, as well as checking out your local social media pages to find out when the next creative event is happening.

We hope you enjoyed our article on finding the perfect freelance graphic designer for your project. Need any more tips on hiring? We have a whole range of articles on outsourcing on the Twine blog, check it out here.

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