10 Press Release Tips for a Professional Music Press Release

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To start you off, here’s a quick press release tip: do. Your. Research.

You don’t have to be an expert in the field of music promotion in order to create one killer press release. In fact, you don’t even need to be an expert in PR promotion at all!

Writing a press release is what will help get the word out about your talent – whether that’s the release of a new track, a new album, an upcoming tour, or even to promote yourself.

Don’t worry if this is 100% foreign to you, as we’re going to break it down into these handy sections:

  • What is a press release?
  • #1 – Who are you targeting?
  • #2 – Master your outreach
  • #3 – Make it engaging
  • #4 – Make it informative
  • #5 – Influences
  • #6 – Achievements
  • #7 – Boilerplate
  • #8 – Press release format
  • #9 – Finalising
  • #10 – Out into the world
  • Wrapping up

So, without further ado, here are 10 press release tips to help you construct a rather professional music press release. Take some notes, bookmark this article, do whatever it takes to help you understand how to write a press release!

What is a press release?

a printing press printing out a press release

To summarise, a press release is a document that any musician should have in their roster if you have big news upcoming.

As mentioned earlier, there are many sorts of events you may require a press release for, with the most popular being an EP release or tour. However, it should be noted that you can create a press release for truly any event – if you think your audience should know about it, write a press release!

Once a press release has been constructed, (we’ll go into detail just how to do that shortly), it should be sent out to any available and relevant contacts that you, as a musician, have – think your journalists, PR managers, etc.

But, why are press releases important? Well, not only do they make you look like a fully-fledged, professional artist, they also help to boost your brand awareness and bring your music to more people’s ears! Hoorah!

Knowing how to do a press release is a surefire to separate yourself from the amateurs of the music industry. Think of this as a skill for life – plus, as a professional musician, you’ll never be able to create enough of them!

How to Create a Press Release

Press release tip #1: Who are you targeting?

a woman standing on the stage about to give a talk infront of audience

Your press release should be aimed at anyone and everyone.

That means NO heavy (read: boring) industry-lingo that is hard to follow. You want to be able to translate your news-worthy broadcast, into something that’s palatable to both music critics and your fans.

Let’s say, you’re sending off your press release to a music blogger. Unfortunately, we’ve got to be realistic and accept that they probably receive upward of 100 press releases each and every day.

So, you have to make it easy for them to pick your press release out of the masses. Speak in their language!

Press release tip #2: Master your outreach

a group of people networking and practising their outreach

In the music industry, contacts are your very best friend.

This is the part where you need to research the industry, and thoroughly. Take a look at the publications (i.e. newsletters, blogs, etc) that are popular in your space, and try and find the best point of contact for each.

Note: solid, good distribution costs money. Expect that if you’re looking to get your press release published on some of the best publications in the biz, you may have to cough up a few coins…

Oh, and here’s one more vital tip for the outreach process – do the work for them. Leaving them to have to find information on you, like they’re digging for gold, is a quick way to make sure your press release doesn’t get a look-in.

Ensure you’re not only easily traceable through a jam-packed online presence, but that you also have an impressive network. That way, when your press release hits the mainstream, whoever checks you out will be met with instant trust and clarification that you are indeed a professional artist.

Press release tip #3: Make it engaging

man smiling down at phone

Think of a press release as a super concise, and industry-level blog post. You need to get all the important details in there, along with some excitement, but with none of the fluff.

To get journalists or radio stations to listen to you, make it clear why they need to listen to your music or go on a date of your upcoming tour. Stand out from the other press releases by making your press release authentically you.

Press release tip #4 – Make it informative

sign on wall that reads 'info'

What you don’t want is journalists, bloggers, or PR representatives having to Google a good image of you, because you don’t have a very good social presence…

Put all the details at the start that they need to get in touch with you:

  • full name
  • your email address & phone number
  • social media handles
  • where you’re located (not a specific street address, but the city will

As a quick tip, you should probably have all the important bits – i.e. your logo, artist bio, and professional photographs – all in one place, so you can easily refer to them when the time comes. Also, make sure to have a little bit of information on the song or EP you’re releasing to the public – think short, like a Twitter bio.

Press release tip #5 – Influences

collection of music cassettes

Having your influences in your press release is a great way of adding inclusivity. This will give the reader a deeper feel of what you’re all about.

If you’re a band, make sure you give relevant information like names & locations (oh, and make sure to get your personalities across). Then, follow it up by telling them any other interesting and exciting things you have coming up: i.e. gig opportunities or any other releases that are scheduled.

Creating a level of familiarity between yourself as the artist, and the reader will help do wonders for your brand – not to mention help you become a household name!

Press release tip #6 – Achievements

performer standing infront of main stage with lights and coloured walls

Having achievements as a musical artist – whether a small publication or an international contest – is something to scream from the rooftops! So, make sure your audience knows about them! This is the part of your press release you must include, as it could make the difference on whether someone will read on or not.

Include any awesome things you have already done in your career e.g. that BBC Introducing radio play you were involved in, or, how much you gig in your local area.

The key here is passion, and if you’re reading this article, you already have it in buckets.

Press release tip #7 – Boilerplate

bookend with plant on top

At the end of your press release, a boilerplate should be included. (This isn’t some home heating appliance you haven’t heard of that you should use as a bribe as part of your press release, don’t worry.)

A boilerplate is like a bookend of more information about you and your musical endeavors. You could include your latest gig you have coming up, or whether you’re already back in the studio, writing more tunes! Boilerplates are essential in a media release, as it helps keep the reader informed about what’s to come – and reassures them you’re a professional musician with consistent content.

Press release tip #8 – Press release format

prowly infographic on writing a press release

This super helpful infographic from Prowly summarizes it pretty well!

Essentially, you’re looking to get your main information into 4 paragraphs, with a snappy intro and a memorable conclusion – make every letter count!

Press release tip #9 – Finalising

freelancer checking computer document and finalising a press release

Re-include your contact information (preferably an email address) and also any manager’s contact details you may have. Make sure you’re proofreading your press release too – your music blogger friends won’t be able to do that for you!

The safest bet is to have your press release saved as a PDF – this is the easiest format for other publications to work with, plus, it appears the most professional by far. PDFs generally translate better on a variety of media, and you want to make sure your audience can see the latest about you in all of its HD goodness…

Press release tip #10 – Out into the world

microphone on top of open book

And that’s it! You’ve made it to the very end!

If you’ve followed each and every press release tip, you’re sure to have yourself a press release that’s ready to stop traffic – so, get it out and be ready for that spotlight!

Being the creator of an excellent press release is not a skill to be underappreciated. The more press releases you publish, the more familiar your audience will become, the larger your brand will grow. Sounds like a great opportunity – so what are you waiting for?

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Jenna is a Music Business student at BIMM Manchester from Northern Ireland. She loves puppies, dogs, music, puppies and going to gigs. And puppies. She currently runs an independent record label based in Manchester which focuses on indie/grunge music, and she also plays guitar and bass. She spends every day listening to new music and reading about the state of the music business industry for fun and to seem a bit cooler at parties.