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Michael W. Andersen
Long Beach, United States

My parents gave me a Lobotomy when I was about 5 years old. It was totally secret and one of them was a Law Professor at Columbia University in NYC. They split up in the sixties and in about '73, he remarried and his new wife had a 3.0cs BMW. I used

Michael W. Andersen
Long Beach, United States

My parents gave me a Lobotomy when I was about 5 years old. It was totally secret and one of them was a Law Professor at Columbia University in NYC. They split up in the sixties and in about '73, he remarried and his new wife had a 3.0cs BMW. I used

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My parents gave me a Lobotomy when I was about 5 years old. It was totally secret and one of them was a Law Professor at Columbia University in NYC. They split up in the sixties and in about '73, he remarried and his new wife had a 3.0cs BMW. I used it to date a girl from high school and used to lick her frequently. I thought Tommy Shaw of Styx contacted me concerning my relationship with the girl because I met a rock guitarist named Larry Hansen when I was Leopard at East High School (from 1972-1975). I think Larry told Styx that I was an angry young man but that they indicated the girl, Jan Haynes, enjoyed the sex. This girl was a Mormon so I had to part with her and I subsequently found God was a misnomer for a dog - sex now is too hard to get. In school, I had physical problems, was not very attentive and never could afford to plan children. As soon as I turned 21 I traveled alone to the Mustang Ranch in Nevada and got screwed. I'm single and don't have a lot of income but, make a few dollars as a Recording Artist. In about 1979, I was in a mental place and I threatened the doctor so the staff there made me jump over the fence and leave. That night, I was on the Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz and a dude gave me some pot. Afterwards, I walked up to a brown Ford Capri and asked the driver if I could stay the night. {Coincidentally, a girl that worked in a Taffy Shop in Salt Lake City, Tammy Jackson, had called me in 1977. She asked me to have sex with her and she was driving an identical brown Ford Capri}. The man in the Capri asked me if I knew the Rainbow People and I said that I really never had. I had previously sucked my own dick while on Preludin in Junior High so I sucked his dick and he told me to make sure I swallowed his cum was all. He had peanut butter sandwiches in the car and a sleeping bag for me to use so I slept all night and in the morning felt so much better. Everything seemed bright and interesting so I walked into the nearby church and looked into one of the purses that were sitting on a table in the lobby. There were some keys in it and in the lot was a truck that fit the keys. It had a picture of lesbians on it that said, "END OF THE RAINBOW' on a sticker on the camper shell. I got in the truck and started driving towards Mexico and used the few dollars in the purse to stop at a store and buy pornography. Later, I ran out of gas and got taken by The Police to the Vista County Jail. When I first entered the prison I noticed the walls looked like they were literally made out of sugar. Like the song, SUGAR WALLS and, walls that are in the stories of gingerbread houses. One of the prisoners was named Nixon and he had like 20 packs of cigarettes that smelled of pot. I was in the cell next to his and a movie of a rolling tire in a snowstorm started playing on the ceiling of my cell. It was fascinating and I could see little green men all over the roof on the outside of the prison. I could also see the imprint of the tire rolling in the snow, seemingly on forever, and hear the storm howling. At one point a man said, "that's my fist and I slug you" and a person answered, "that's the tie rod of my steering that I hit you back with". Another prisoner was a tattooed Mexican. He and Nixon were very muscular and they made me suck their dicks in my jail cell. The peanut butter in the jail was red and the jail radio was playing, "Love Stinks (released in 1/1980) & Under Pressure (released in 10/1981)". One of the other prisoners looked like Lee Marvin of The Dirty Dozen and the Presiding Judge could have passed for Jacob Marley. I ordered a Playboy Magazine in San Diego and it was delivered to me in my cell. It seemed to me like a phoney arrest and after a few weeks they took me to the front of the jail and told me to beat it. I didn't have a cent and made it to a joint in San Diego where Dr. Linda Allenstein was on the staff. One day she was associating with the patients and I noticed her because she put a name tag on that said she was a doctor and used her key to enter the doctor's area of the hospital. That place gave me a bad drug and put me on a plane to Northern California. They took me from the airport to 655 Canyon Rd, Novato, CA 94947 Merced, California - the Merced Manor. I was very ill but, Dr. Housner and Dr. Berlant revived me with Elavil. I gained weight so fast that I got some stretch marks but, Brian Vizzard lived there and gave me a guitar that really worked. My piano also, started to progress, and I learned all of the music that I had always wanted to play. A girl I met in San Pablo, California was at the Canyon Manor. Woody Wright knew her and he was an ex-Navy man and we went to places like the San Pablo Cemetery together to look for girls. Woody used to drive to Canyon Manor to see her. She seemed a little out of sorts and used to yell out or slap herself and had a short hair cut. Woody and I used to go to the Partial Hospital and paint on canvas provided by Ike Sofaer. Ike was on the radio with Sting as the person who called himself Mephistopheles in the song, "Wrapped Around Your Finger". I suspect that Ike is Dr. Sofaer on Filmore Street in San Francisco because I tried out for rock bands in the 1970's. The Staff at Partial Hospital took us to the Gay Parade in San Francisco and at a concert where I was singing for Jynx on Folsom Street in San Francisco, I though I heard Sting. Woody picked Ellen Mathes up at the Canyon Manor and took her places. I'm fairly sure her name was Elle or Ellen and she was about 5'5", thin - about 140 pounds. The staff at Canyon Manor determined that I should go to Merced Manor and Elle went with me. Ellen went to a Court Hearing with me and a Nurse, Angelica, later asked the doctor in charge if I could sleep with Ellen in her room. The doctor said that would be fine with him and while I was showering with Ellen her eyes started to glow. A man at the Gold's Gym told me Elle was Lucifer and there is a movie called, "The Bermuda Depths" that has similar shining eyes in it. I told this story to the Hells Angels over the phone and they told me that it sounded like I smoked some wild shit. Thomas Baron, a Cellist for the Utah Symphony, rode a Harley and gave me a few guitar lessons while teaching at the University of Utah during the Vietnam War. I used to ride a dirt bike on Sunday at Widowmaker and I play electric guitar and bass. In the late Seventies, I looked for work singing in San Francisco and sang for Jynx at a Folsom Studio and also at Burlingame High School. I've heard that David Lee Roth likes my authoring and feel that Janis Joplin is cute to sing, "Down on Me". But, when I grew up in the predominantly Mormon Culture in Salt Lake City it would have been too shocking to say that Down on Me meant cunnilingus. In about 1999, I took a job driving at Cabco in Santa Ana at 520 W Dyer Rd. I was driving south on I5 in 643 near the Beach Cities exit after a rain storm one day when I saw the literal end of the rainbow up close. There were two rainbows in the sky over the freeway and to the east was a field of grass. I was thinking it would almost be possible to drive into the field and see the pot of gold. Like magic the rainbow shone right through my window and onto my passenger seat next to where I was sitting.WWWW
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