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Los Angeles, United States

PORTFOLIO: _Website not available. Sign in: Every project on my website is solely created by me. From concept to final render, I can complete a product to the highest quality. I believe that fresh perspectives and trying

Los Angeles, United States

PORTFOLIO: _Website not available. Sign in: Every project on my website is solely created by me. From concept to final render, I can complete a product to the highest quality. I believe that fresh perspectives and trying

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We have over 53 Motion Graphic Designers in Los Angeles, US! Twine will help you find the perfect Motion Graphic Designer for your project.

$200 per day (USD)
PORTFOLIO: _Website not available. Sign in: Every project on my website is solely created by me. From concept to final render, I can complete a product to the highest quality. I believe that fresh perspectives and trying new techniques help the team of animators finish their goals. Contributions to my former Animator role and this field at-large revolve around my essential hand-drawn 2D, 3D animation and story development talents. I have developed strong critical thinking abilities and fostered a reputation as a key contributor through observation and time-management skills. As a team player, I am collaborative with peers, searching for ways to integrate valuable insights. Through these qualities, I have confidence in my ability to facilitate positive change and collective effort.  I have over 23 years of animation experience. I have worked on feature-length movies that include, "Hellboy" (2004), "Shoot  'Em" (2007) and "Scooby-Doo" 2002. I created music video DVDs for music artist 50 Cent "Get Rich or Die Trying", Rob Zombie "Dragula" and Eminem "Encore". I am proficient in Cinema 4D 20R, Adobe After Effects CC, Indesign CC, Animate CC, Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC, and Premiere Pro CC. My skill assets include over 25 years of figure drawing experience.  For a greater illustration of my background and qualifications, please review the link to my portfolio page. I am eager to speak with you about this opportunity and thoroughly appreciate your consideration.  
 PORTFOLIO: _Website not available. Sign in: Sincerely, Francisco Enciso _Email not available. Sign in: _Website not available. Sign in: details not available. Sign in:
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$280 per day (USD)
$450 per day (USD)
I am a motion graphics artist and love color grading. I also edit. Actually I do everything in post production. Audio edit, mix, sound effects, compose and record music. Short film Heartbeats as producer/artist involved all process of film and did all post production. Already accepted to 2 film festivals. And for 3rd film festival, I won best VFX award. And Heartbeats was picked up by Amazon Prime Video US, UK & Worldwide. I also edited and did all graphics for Burton Gilliam's interview. _Website not available. Sign in: **Day rate** $450 per day **Key project experience** 2012 graphics for Discovery Channel show Short Film Heartbeats Will be streamed by Amazon Prime Video US, UK & Worldwide. **Qualifications and education** Motion Graphics course at Video Symphony FCP7 level2 apple certified editor Sugiyama women university English Literature dept. best VFX award by Blastoff film festival Short film Heartbeats producer/artist Amazon Prime Video stream It's also available in UK Amazon prime video. My home page is _Website not available. Sign in: newest demo is not in my homepage yet please check _Website not available. Sign in: _Website not available. Sign in: Amazon for US My BMG library launched on cdbaby _Website not available. Sign in: Other than licensing, intend to get hired to compose BGM Check out all tracks to see variety of genre
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$200 per day (USD)
I am a professional and creative graphics designer specializing in ILLUSTRATION ART, LOGO DESIGNS, MOTION GRAPHICS, ANIMATIONS, CARTOON DESIGNS, COVER ART and CHILDRENS BOOK ILLUSTATION... I have over 5 years of experience and i will be glad to use my professional and creative skill to execute your projects. I DELIVER HIGH QUALITY DESIGNS ONLY!!!!!!!!!! I am also a professional and an amazing songwriter with the ability to interpret circumstances, feelings and emotions or thought into music. I have worked with clients in the US, UK and France as a freelancer on I have also been a virtual assistant, i can help with variety of things like *Music promotion on Youtube, Spotify, Apple etc *Video editing, Music/ Sound editing. *Promote you, your brand, your contents on Los Angeles Tribune. *And I can as well help you reinstate your AMAZON ACCOUNT. I deliver exceptional results
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$400 per day (USD)
Following my extensive undergraduate study in Video and Film, I am now living and working in Los Angeles, CA, where I operate as a freelance videographer and editor. I have been offering my video related skills to independent clients for years, through which I have become an intuitive, skilled, and experienced video content professional. I offer a mastery of Adobe Premiere Pro and high proficiency in Adobe After Effects, as well as substantial experience with lighting, sound, and camera operation. As an efficient perfectionist, I offer my very best work to each and every project with a high attention to detail, keen communication, and ability to help bring any vision to life. I look forward to hearing about your unique video needs and collaborating on your next project! **RATES** Videography -Hourly: $50 -Day Rate: $500 -Half Day Rate: $300 Video Editing -Hourly: $40 -Day Rate: $400 -Half Day Rate: $250 Voiceover -30 Second Spot: $100 -60 Second Spot: $200 **KEY PROJECT EXPERIENCE** 2019 -Video Editor for Viral Launch (Leader in Amazon Seller Space) -Video Editor/Videographer for Swim With Heart (LA-based Non Profit) -Video Editor for Royal Telos (LA-based Life Coaching Business) 2018 -Filmed & Edited music video "Transitions" for Hedras Ramos (Guitarist) -Video Editor/Videographer for American Open (National Chess Tournament) -Video Editor for Speech Queen, LLC (LA-Based Speech Coaching) -Video Editor for Viral Launch (Leader in Amazon Seller Space) -Video Editor/Videographer for Swim With Heart (LA-based Non Profit) -Video Editor for Royal Telos (LA-based Life Coaching Business) 2017 -Video Editor/Videographer for Swim With Heart (LA-based Non Profit) -Video Editor for Royal Telos (LA-based Life Coaching Business) 2016 -Edited short film "EXO" for Ashley Eakin (Writer & Director) **QUALIFICATIONS AND EDUCATION** -B.A. in Video and Radio Broadcasting from Mount Vernon Nazarene University -Certificate in Film Studies from Los Angeles Film Studies Center -Official Selection, Omaha Film Festival 2016, "EXO" (Editor) -Official Selection, Cinequest Film & VR Festival, "EXO" (Editor) -Best Picture, ACU Film Festival 2015, "Epic" (Editor) **FEATURED AND MENTIONED IN...** -Guitar World: _Website not available. Sign in: -Cinequest: _Website not available. Sign in: -Omaha Film Festival: _Website not available. Sign in:
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$200 per day (USD)
My name is David Olsson and I’m a video editor, writer​, and ​motion designer​. Since graduating ​Hofstra University​ with an ​Honors B.S. in Video/Television & Business​, I have put this degree to work, crafting strategic corporate videos for ​Fortune 500 clients​, as well as researching and writing entertainment pieces for ​major online media distributors​ — all projects with the shared goal of ​telling a compelling story​. Throughout my years of experience, I have become an end-to-end, ​preditorial tour de force​, particularly in the area of ​digital video content​. Anything that crosses my desk — whether it’s a ​commercial​ spot for a local bank, an international​ ​sales pitch​ between high-end brands, or even a vibrant, pop culture ​video essay ​for a multi-channel YouTube network — receives the same level of diligent ​communication, ​attentive management​, and egoless​ revision​. I see my craft with a ​creative eye ​— TWO, even — backed by a pragmatic​, and often ​snappy, marketing mind​. I know how to bring an idea to life, the​ time and hard work​ that it takes to ​do it right​, and how to ​make sure it's got teeth​. I have been commended by my employers and coworkers for my​ dedicated work ethic​, approachable personality​, ​proactive spirit​, and a ​unique sense of style and humor​ that are evident in all of my projects. I always give 110%, which is mathematically impossible, but... listen. I never said I was good at math. Thank you for your time and interest, and I hope to speak with you soon! **Day rate** _$200 per day_ **Employment and project experience** Platinum Platypus_Phone details not available. Sign in: Frederator Networks, Inc._Phone details not available. Sign in: NextCore Media_Phone details not available. Sign in: ACSH_Phone details not available. Sign in: **Qualifications and education** Hofstra University Honors College Graduate with Distinction 2016 Magna Cum Laude with High Departmental Honors
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$250 per day (USD)
I have over twenty years experience in entertainment design and business communications. I work as a creative director, digital artist, and editor. Check out my resume on linkedin: _Website not available. Sign in: Check out my credit list on IMDB: _Website not available. Sign in: I started learning my craft at the University of Southern California with an MFA in Computer Art and Animation. Early on I honed my skills at studios like Imaginary Forces, Rhythm & Hues, Creative Domain/Trailer Park, and Pacific Title & Art. Now I work under my own roof, inMotion Studios. I am most interested in narrative editing and 3D motion design projects but willing to entertain any creative work. I am a great collaborator so let me know if you are looking for help.
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About Motion Graphic Designers

Before starting on your job brief, you’ll first need to decide which type of graphic designer you’ll need for your project.

For example:

  • Logo designer
  • Business card designer
  • T-shirt designer
  • Book cover designer
  • Poster designer
  • Flyer designer
  • Presentation designer
  • Caricature artist

Once you’ve done this, it’s time to start the hiring process in earnest:

Finding a suitable graphic designer:

Finding and hiring the perfect freelance designer can seem like a long and arduous task.

That’s why we take care of the hard work for you by matching you to suitable creatives using over ten different criteria.

And that’s not all...

We also manually vet all of your project pitches, meaning you won’t have to sift through a heap of ill-fitted pitches to find the perfect match.

And that’s not all...

Here’s a breakdown of how to hire a freelance graphic designer on Twine:

  1. Post up a job on the platform
  2. Wait for freelance design specialists to pitch on your brief
  3. Review your submitted pitches and choose a creative
  4. Agree your terms
  5. Get to work!
Writing your job brief:

We’ll cut to the chase:

60% of freelancers will avoid pitching on your job if it’s too long-winded

If you want to attract high-quality pitches from relevant freelancers, it’s imperative to make sure your brief is both clear and concise.

This allows freelancers to quickly scan over your brief and determine if they’re a good match for the work before pitching.

After analysing thousands of job briefs that have been submitted through the platform, here’s our recommended structure:

  • Who you are
  • What you need
  • Your location
  • The size & scope of your project
  • References of work you like
  • Target audience
  • Budget
  • Deadline
How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Graphic Designer in Los Angeles, US?

The cost of hiring a graphic designer can vary significantly from project to project in Los Angeles, US.

For example:

If you’re looking to hire a fiercely-experienced graphic designer for a large-scale branding project...’s going to cost significantly more than hiring a student designer for a simple logo design.

Using the data collected from our network of graphic designers, here are the rates you can expect for a day’s work (7-8 hours) from a freelancer:

Designer LevelJuniorMid-LevelExpert
Day Rate$150-250$250-400$400-800

Prices in GBP:

Designer LevelJuniorMid-LevelExpert
Day Rate£100-£200£200-£300£300-£600

For a more-detailed understanding of how much your project might cost, we’d recommend taking a look at the current job listings over on our jobs board.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why hire a graphic designer in Los Angeles, US?


Stock graphics stand out like a sore thumb.

And do you know what impression they give?

They give the impression that you’ve taken shortcuts on your business.

When a prospective client visits one of your online channels for the first time, the branding and design work will almost-certainly be the first thing they notice.

By hiring a freelancer to create a set of high-quality graphic designs, you instantly demonstrate the time, effort and consideration you’ve put into your business to prospective clients.

Still not convinced?

Here are three further benefits of hiring a graphic artist over settling for stock graphics:

Stand Out From The Crowd

An original, vibrant and high-quality set of designs is a sure-fire way to set yourself apart from the competition in an instant.

Retain Creative Control

When working with stock graphics you’re forced to try and fit yourbusiness to the graphics. Hiring a graphic designer flips this, allowing you to tailor your graphics to the goals and traits of your business.

Do It Right

Unless you have significant graphic design experience, it can be hard to come up with a design that best-represents your business. A freelance designer will have hundreds (possibly even thousands) of successful projects under their belt, meaning the project will be in a safe and experienced set of hands.

What are the benefits of hiring a freelance designer over a design agency?

Great Question!

Here are the three main benefits of hiring a freelance graphic designer over an agency:


Agencies are swamped with high overhead costs (such as office space, employment tax and fixed salary costs). Hiring a freelancer cuts out the middleman, meaning you’re only paying for the cost of the work rather than the costs of the business.


The vast majority of freelance graphic designers will have first worked for an agency to build up their skillset before going freelance. This means that you’ll receive a more-experienced graphic designer for a much better price.


By hiring a freelancer, you’re able to tailor your budget and working hours to the nature of the project without the hassle of a long-term contract.

What are you waiting for?

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