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Ken Hartfield
Kelowna, Canada

Ken Hartfield is an accomplished Producer, Composer and Arranger with decades of experience composing and arranging, as well as Music Conductor for concert bands, jazz bands, choirs and symphonies. Accomplishments: ■ Created Symphonic Rock Evo

Ken Hartfield
Kelowna, Canada

Ken Hartfield is an accomplished Producer, Composer and Arranger with decades of experience composing and arranging, as well as Music Conductor for concert bands, jazz bands, choirs and symphonies. Accomplishments: ■ Created Symphonic Rock Evo

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$700 per day (USD)
Ken Hartfield is an accomplished Producer, Composer and Arranger with decades of experience composing and arranging, as well as Music Conductor for concert bands, jazz bands, choirs and symphonies. Accomplishments: ■ Created Symphonic Rock Evolution, a 23-piece Symphonic Classic Rock Band. Composed & arranged 24 musical scores and parts for a string and brass section, rock rhythm and percussion section and 6 vocalists for live stage production. Symphonic Rock Evolution continues to fill concert halls in BC, Canada. ■ Composed theme songs for two virtual worlds in Lemur Bay and music themes for 12 internal games. ■ Composed arranged and produced the theme for a game entitled Capture The Flag for Situware Software in Kelowna, BC. ■ Composed arranged and produced the theme for The Gauntlet, a 3D Animation game for Far Vista Studios located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. ■ Arranged and produced the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Bright Nights musical theme composed by Michael Conway Baker, a Juno award winer. Arranged by Ken Hartfield featuring the London Symphony, recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, England. The theme featured the University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers and Edmonton vocalist, Kelsey Fry. ■ Composed/arranged and produced musical jingles and themes for national corporations in Canada. ■ Produced a CD for the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce entitled Help Feed the Children, featuring Kelsey Fry and the Grant MacEwan singers. Composed the title theme with special arrangements consisting of full orchestra, choir and rhythm section. ■ Composed/arranged and produced Child Find Canada’s national theme song Wear the Green Ribbon along with nine other compositions featured on the disc Hope for the Children. ■ Performed in live shows and recording sessions in southern California and Las Vegas. Performed in back-up bands and orchestras for Tom Jones, Tanya Tucker, Bobby Vinton, Rich Little, Bob Hope Show and Ed Shaughnessy, the award-winning drummer from Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show, any many more. ■ Created a musical educational tool, Pro-Play Duets, published with Taber Music Publishing in San Jacinto, California. ■ Musical Director for CBC TV, composed/arranged for local, regional and national variety shows. ■ Music Director for The Moose Jaw Lion’s Band. Created Lion’s Show Band. Composed and arranged for the 50 piece group, featuring singers and dancers. Won an audition to perform at Disneyland. ■ Finalist for CBC’s Song Market 71, for professional composers. Composed Yesterday’s Dream, arranged by Rob McConnell and sung by Brenda Russel, an accomplished composer and vocalist with credits from The Color Purple and her hit song Piano In The Dark. ■ Member of the RCMP Concert Band in Ottawa for 4 years. Performed on clarinet, sax, electric bass and composed and arranged original music for the band. ■ Attended University Of Regina - Majored in Composition. ■ Performed in Rock and Jazz Rock Bands in Saskatchewan.
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$100 per day (USD)
I am an emerging musician, and I specialize in FL Studio, and I am from New York, though currently in school in British Colombia I'm self taught with FL Studio, which I am most comfortable with. I also am learning Ableton Live, and am decently comfortable with that as well.
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$250 per day (USD)
25 To contact this artist: _Email not available. Sign in:
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How To Hire a Music Composer in Kelowna, CA

First, identify what type of composer you need.

For example:

  • Film composer
  • Game composer
  • Orchestral composer
  • Electroacoustic composer
  • Songwrite

After deciding on a type of composer, it’s time to start the hiring process:

Finding A Composer For Hire

Finding a freelance composer can seem daunting..

We’ve simplified the process.

Here’s a quick overview of how to hire a music composer on Twine:

  1. Post up a job
  2. Wait for freelance music composers to pitch on your project
  3. Review your pitches and choose a freelancer
  4. Negotiate your terms
  5. Done!
Tips For Writing Your Job Brief

Here’s a statistic for you:

75% of the pitches for jobs online are from freelancers who are not qualified to do the work

But why?

Because the brief doesn't clearly explain what the client needs, so freelancers pitch in hoping that the project might match their skills.

On Twine, we manually vet all the pitches that a client receives to save them from spending hours filtering out unqualified freelancers.

However, it’s still really important to make your project brief stand out by keeping it simple, yet detailed

Clear and concise job briefs allow freelance composers to quickly scan your requirements and determine if they’re a good fit for your project before getting in touch.

When pitching to composers online, make sure to include the following information in your job brief:

  • Who you are
  • What you need (and why)
  • The size of your project
  • Your vision for the project
  • Examples of styles you like
  • Target audience
  • Budget
  • Deadline
How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Composer in Kelowna, CA?

Composer rates vary significantly from project-to-project. For example, the cost to hire a game music composer for a full-length score may be significantly more expensive than the cost to hire a composer for a trailer.

When negotiating rates, you’ll be sent a quote by the composer based on the length of time the composition will take to produce.

Using the data from our platform, here are the ranges you can expect for a day’s work from a freelance music composer (7-8 hours):

Composer LevelJuniorMid-LevelExpert
Day Rate$150-250$250-350$350-500

Here are the price ranges in GBP:

Composer LevelJuniorMid-LevelExpert
Day Rate£100-200£200-250£250-400

If you’d like a more thorough overview of composer rates, head over to our marketplace to view current listings, as well as our network of composers for hire.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why hire a composer?

Here's the deal

Stock music can be sniffed out a mile away.

And the worst part?

Stock music comes off as lazy, stale and impersonal.

Commissioning a vibrant and original soundtrack for your project will show your audience you mean business from the get-go.

Still not convinced?

Here are three other benefits of hiring a freelance composer over buying stock music:

Creative Control

Stock music forces you to try and make your project fit the soundtrack. Hiring a composer allows you to put your project first and fit the soundtrack to the project.


Looking to create more than one piece of music? Working with a composer ensures consistency across not only your soundtrack, but your wider branding.

Price Point

High-quality stock music can be expensive, with most services locking you into a monthly subscription. Hiring a freelance composer allows you to pay for original, fit-for-purpose music as and when you require it.

How can music benefit my business?

Here’s another statistic:

24% of consumers are more-likely to buy a product when music they like is being played.

If you aren’t already using music as a core aspect of your branding, you should be!

But why is music such a powerful sales tool?

Here are the three main advantages that an original piece of music can bring to your business:

Speak your customers’ language

Align yourself with your customer base by using music that represents their values, interests and personalities.

Stand out from the competition

Be a business that people remember. An original earworm will set you apart from those forgettable royalty-free soundtracks your competitors are using.

Improve Customer Experience

Create an atmosphere your customers love through the music you use.

What’s the difference between a composer and a producer?

Great question:

Composers write & arrange original music. They usually work with clients who require a soundtrack for a visual medium, such as a commercial, film, explainer video or theater production.

Producers serve as project managers for the recording process. They work directly with both composers and musical artists to navigate the recording and ensure the end result is as good as it can be. While producers often work on soundtracks for visual mediums, they more-commonly work on commercial recorded music.

But what if you need both?

Luckily, many freelance composers double as highly-skilled producers and can handle both stages of the process. These freelancers will market themselves as a ‘composer/producer’.

If you require a freelancer who can handle both composition and production, make sure to mention this in your job description.

What are you waiting for?

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