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Music for the visualised audiobook based on Scottish myths

Music Composer
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Hi! My name’s Alexandra, I’m an illustration student and a writer. Right now, I am working on my final major project, my diploma.

To make this project real, I need the help of a composer and a sound designer. If you do both, that’s a huge plus.

I need someone to write music for the audiobook — the text is my own and inspired by Scottish legends. The audiobook will have a visual sequence, patterns and textile outcomes (in the end it will remind of tapestry). There’s also going to be a part for the singer.

I need someone with love to Pagan Folk, Gaelic music, someone with an understanding of folklore or with a will to research such a specific theme. I have to admit that this story is fictional, so I won’t need a precise historical piece of work, but something with authenticity. As some of my references, I can name Faun, Annwn, Eurielle, Theodor Bastard.
“Ailein Duinn” is an essential reference. It’s a traditional Scottish lament song, and there are various versions of it. I personally prefer Capercaillie’s and Annwn’s versions.

Sound design is an inherent part. The text won’t come alive without additional sounds. If you don’t do this, that’s alright, but I need to know in advance, so I’d start searching for the sound designer.

This project is highly important for me in all terms, and I do want it to be something fantastic, or at least magical to watch.

You have to know that I’ve just recently started working on it. For now, I have the whole (edited and settled) text and a singer (she’s my friend, and she’s an opera singer).

I’m planning to record the text with voice actors in February. Concept art/sketches should be done to the beginning of March, and I’d be pleased to keep in touch during this time. I need the information from you regarding rules/specifics of voice recording, as I’ve never done anything like this. (Surely I will book a recording studio, but).

So the ACTUAL WORK will start at the beginning of March, once I’m done with text recording. I will need the final piece by the 15th of April. If you finish it earlier, it’d be amazing, as I have to do A LOT of visual work and some animation to produce.

It’d be super nice to know the price beforehand, at least approximate. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m only a student, getting my BA degree. I am super excited and ready to spend money, this is your work, and you have to be properly paid, but I’m using my finance, and they are not unlimited.

One last thing. I am not a professional. This is not going to be something Blizzard would do for Warcraft. I am not that qualified and some elements might seem naive. If you need to have some kind of an example, check out Erutan’s video “The Willow Maid”.

But I’m in love with this project, and I will do everything I can to tell this story beautifully. And if you are not excited by Scottish and Gaelic stuff, if you will not enjoy the text I wrote, the story and this project in whole, we will only waste each other’s time (which you could spend on other interesting and exciting things). So please, if you will feel that it’s not your cup of tea, tell me.

I’ll be waiting for you answers, so we could discuss this project in more detail. Hope we will create a good and breathtaking story together!

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