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Q: Who or what has influenced your music?
A: Growing up as the youngest of 4 boys in the house, I learned a lot from my older brothers. They taught me there is more to life than being a bad ass and impressing your so called friends. After bouncing back from paralysis and being told by dozens of doctors that I was never going to walk again and my days were numbered, I took it upon myself to prove them wrong. I am proud to say I am still breathing and walking for that matter. I now have a beautiful wife and 2 lovely children whom I adore and would give my life for in a heartbeat. By far, my family has influenced my music the most.
Q: What kind of education or training do you have in making/ performing music?
A: Formal education in music, 0. Performing in front of hundreds of people, plenty. I have done everything from local bars in town to full on tours across the US. I have been making beats for my homies and random people I run into in the street or online for over 10 years now. In my book, that experience is just as good as a college degree. The thing about music is that it’s not about how “good you are” it’s all about how “good you are at getting other people to listen to your music”.

Q: Give us a summary of your artistic philosophy.
A: I like to refer to music as color. If the world were colorblind, everyone would be equal. However, there are a chosen few who can make you see past the “black and white”, by delivering a message that is meaningful – something people can relate to. An artist who can practice what he preaches is blessed with seeing all color. And that is invaluable. “In the world of the blind, the one-eyed man is divine” –Young P

Q: What kind of artistic insights or techniques do you use?
A: For starters, I shut up and listen. Give the artist the attention they deserve. Provide honest feedback after the fact, and don’t be afraid to tell the truth. Your opinion directly influences an artist’s next song. Whether they admit it or not, all comments and feedback are taken personally. I take any and all negative comments and turn them into my next beat. That is how I have always made my music. My lyrics speak for themselves. I stay true to myself, I have no reason to lie when I write my songs. What you see is what you get.

Q: What would you like to accomplish with your music?
A: I would like to reach those lost individuals who think the world is against them. I believe music is the universal language that connects the dots to this puzzle we call life. Through music, we can all unite as one and grow to be bigger that the petty “beef” we grew up seeing as kids. This East Coast / West Coast separation. I am not a fan. Yes, I am from the West Coast, and I will forever stay true to my roots (Elsinore, Wattup!). But, I got nothing but respect for the East Coast MC’s and the East Coast listeners. They have a voice, just like we do.

    uniE608 24 bars rap
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    uniE603 Puppet Ft Ghost X (Produced by: Unknown)
    Please let us know if you know who made this beat as we believe in giving credit where credit is due. Thank you. -UT Productions Staff #audio #puppe...

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