3 Major Mistakes Companies Make (And How to Avoid Them)

Everybody wants their business to succeed. When it comes to mistakes companies make, you always imagine that it couldn’t possibly end up being you… right?

The truth is, properly managing a company is easier said than done. There are always unforeseen roadblocks and unpredictable potholes on the path to success. Each day presents its own series of unique problems that demand your valuable time and attention.

But, if you have the right tools to remedy these issues (or avoid them altogether), you can continue to grow as a business. Time spent trying to fix an avoidable issue is the time taken away from important things in your project.

That’s why it’s important to prepare your company with the know-how. Having the foresight to tackle these issues head-on, before they grow into problems, is what sets successful companies apart from the pack.

Luckily for you, we have you covered.

Below is a list of 3 major mistakes companies make, and should avoid, in order to keep growing at a steady, successful pace.

Let’s dive in.

Weak online presence

mistakes companies make 1 - having a weak online presense

There’s really no getting around this one.

If your company doesn’t have its own website in this modern business era, your chances of succeeding are slim-to-none. With the majority of business taking place on the internet these days, it only makes sense to meet your customers where they spend most of their time: online.

However, obtaining a solid, memorable web presence requires a lot more than just a website.

A quality website has a plethora of personality, character, and above all, gorgeous functionality found throughout each page. This high level of unique design ensures that your brand stays in the mind of every visitor. As you deliver a flawless user experience, your visitor falls deeper in love with your brand.

Unfortunately, many companies miss the mark when it comes to web design. Using an affordable, customizable website builder can help navigate the job in one. With improper research, companies can fall into the traps of web design scams.

Choosing to create and develop your website on your own is certainly a great option if you’d like the job done quickly. Also, the end result will look exactly how you want it to look, and isn’t that the main goal?

No eCommerce platform

a customer paying for services with an ecommerce platform - mistakes companies make is often not having an ecommerce platform

Alright, let’s imagine you already have a top-notch website for your company. Everything looks great, and visitors are really liking what they see. Nice job!

However, when these same visitors decide to turn into customers, they have no resources to do so. Why? Because you don’t have an online store set up. Not having an eCommerce store set up is one of the many mistakes companies make – and talk about a missed opportunity!

That lapse in web design judgment is guaranteed to hurt your profit margin in a major way. Remember, almost every transaction these days takes place online – in 2022, e-Retail sales are projected to grow to $5.4 trillion. If you’re not among the competition, you aren’t going to get a slice of that pie.

If you happen to entice a visitor to purchase something, it’s important to cater to their desire to shop.

More than that, you want this online storefront to represent your company, and make the shopping process as pleasing as possible. Customize the layout of your online catalog, so that the visuals fit with your brand image.

After all, the smoother the shopping transaction, the happier the customer. The happier the customer, the higher the chances are of them becoming return customers. This sort of outcome results in repeat business, which enhances brand awareness (and loyalty), in addition to generating revenue. All of which are key factors for any growing business.

Relying on multiple (incompatible) software

business owner making one of the many mistakes companies make by using multiple business software

The average business owner is forced to rely on a number of stubborn software platforms in order to run their company. These are the kinds of mistakes companies make when they’re startups, as they’re just starting out in the business world.

They’ll usually have a specific tool for accounting, a tool for client management, a tool for keeping track of inventory, and so on. Maintaining these disjointed, disconnected platforms is a task all on its own, which requires immense patience and time.

But what if you don’t have time?

Time spent trying to make sure varying software share the same information negatively affects the productivity and profitability of your company. To put it frankly, this is among the many mistakes companies make.

But, there’s good news!

A singular, centralized solution, with apps that are seamlessly connected and sharing information, is the tried-and-true way to optimize your efficiency as a company. Utilizing a shared database eliminates the need for multiple business tools, and evaporates tedious duplication of data across all platforms.

In other words, it saves you a ton of time and money.

Without such a database, you’re inclined to run into the same technical debt issues. So, it’s best to consolidate your business needs as soon as possible (preferably in a user-friendly, cost-effective manner).

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