7 Graphic Design Ideas for Your Next Project

The “creative rut” is something that many graphics designers dread. It is when you are stuck at doing something, looking for inspiration.

But whether you want to sharpen your skills or have a project to finish, we suggest that you keep going. You might be surprised at how this lull of creativity can stretch your imagination and help you complete a project.

That’s because a creative rut will compel you to look for inspiration. And one way to get inspired is to start small.

That said, we have listed down seven graphics design ideas that can get you out of the creative rut and finish a project:

Muted Color Palettes

Muted color palettes took over the graphic design world a year ago, and it has no sign of stopping anytime soon. 

If you are unfamiliar with muted colors, vivid colors are infused with black, white, or a complementary color. This results in a more relaxing hue.

The muted colors are ideal if you are trying to convey nostalgia and safety through your graphic design. It also makes art look natural and organic.

Muted color palettes also tend to blend well with texts, even if you use light font colors. For instance, small, white texts can still be easy to read despite having a more muted background. 

It usually takes about 3-4 years for color palettes to be overused and not trendy anymore. So, do not be afraid to switch your color palette into something that is more muted. 

You can also use your brand colors as the main jumping point to develop secondary color palettes you will use for your visual content. 

Geometric Shapes

Last year, many designers were utilizing flowy and abstract shapes. However, this year, it is replaced by rigid, geometric shapes that are hard-edged.

Also, more and more brands are starting to integrate geometric shapes into their designs. 

With geometric shapes, it is a lot easier to add consistency, order, and structure to a visual. Because geometric shapes tend to be exact and precise, they create a lot of great contrast when using a more muted color palette.

When you pair a geometric shape with a muted color palette, you can make an eye-catching visual. Finally, you can also utilize geometric shapes to add more depth and structure to your graphics. Similarly, you can also make it a focal point of your illustration.

Flat Icons and Illustrations

Suppose you have been creating a lot of visual content. In that case, flat icons are excellent because they can be integrated into many different graphics. This includes social media posts, infographics, and presentations. 

Flat icons are also relatively easy to consume. Even if you have come across these visuals without text or content, you can still understand what it is trying to tell you. 

Similarly, icons can be a powerful tool for visual communication. Mind you, flat icons and illustrations allow you to put complex thoughts into context. This explains why graphics are best used for data visualization.

Similarly, these can also be used in courses and webinars. 

The best part of icons is that you can easily switch their color, size, or orientation. Doing so makes it easy even for non-designers to come up with compelling visuals.

Website Mockups

Sometimes, having a creative rut is the best time to create mockups. For one, it lets you see what colors and fonts can make an ideal pair.

Second, it enables you to look at a project from a technical point of view. For instance, does the icon make sense, or should that section be placed above the other?
Lastly, it allows you to hone your design skills. It also gives you a reservoir of web design ideas, be it a blog or an e-commerce site.

Social Slide Decks

Social Slide Decks are created precisely how they sound, and they were made for sharing on social media. 

These are usually shared on social media sites like LinkedIn and Instagram because they handle images. Although they can still work well with other platforms, the entire experience would not be as smooth. 

Also, Instagram and LinkedIn’s algorithms tend to promote slide decks that have single images. 

Brands like Quickbooks, for instance, have filled each slide deck a ton of handy information, but without listing it all at once in a single slide. You can also integrate static images with videos to provide your audience a more engaging experience. 

On Instagram, you may notice influencers use carousel images to share more information. Nonetheless, there is consistency in the visual content they share. Be it through the template or color palette they use. 

These kinds of slide decks are taking off, mostly because they are relatively easy to create. It also engages the audience in a way that it’s easy to share. 

The chance of other users reading your entire slide deck on Instagram is also pretty high, especially if you compare it with just a caption. 

No matter what type of industry you are catering to, there is no doubt that brands can take off using slide decks. 

Text Heavy Videos

People will likely continue to work remotely this 2021, and regularly shooting new video content will be far too tricky. 

It can be challenging to jump straight into your video room anymore and shoot a quick video with your team. It’s challenging to hire even a freelancer these days. 

Therefore, video content will likely lean on text and motion graphics this year than ever before. 

For instance, Slack has recently been leaning on text-heavy videos on their social media accounts. They have managed to develop simple videos that utilized their brand colors, fonts, and voice. This helped them create a much more unified brand. 

These kinds of videos do not need an entire production team to shoot. Meaning, there’s a quicker turnaround time for these as well. 

Instead of getting the whole team to shoot, all they need to have is a few team members to pitch in an idea and come up with material in the next couple of days. 

Social Media Graphic Design Ideas

Social media is a platform that is highly driven by content. But how do you make other people pause enough to engage with your content or listen to what you have to say? 

Come up with graphics, along with photos and the other content that you are posting. Try to mix it up!

Here are also some tips for a great social media graphic design:

  • Use a logo: You are probably aware of how important a logo is. For a brand to be recognized, it needs to be included with social media graphics. Just ensure that your logo stands out, especially if you intend to use it as a foreground for another vibrant graphic. 
  • Keep it simple: Although your designs need to be eye-catching, they should not distract users from your content. Remember that graphic design is meant to enhance and not take it away from the content.
  • Use various shapes, colors, and texts to help you get started: Multiple colors and fonts can also enhance social media posts. 

Heavy (But Relatively Simple) Fonts

Minimalist and handwritten fonts have lost their spark over the last couple of years, especially for larger brands. Now, bolder and heavily weighted fonts are starting to gain a lot of traction. 

Weighty fonts are usually in bold or extra bold fonts that give a relatively “weighty” appearance. Using these kinds of fonts gives your designs a more modern and contemporary feel it. 

Using weighty fonts also allows you to make a lot of contrast in your graphics. 

If you have been running out of ideas lately, now is the time to work on new projects. That way, you can stretch your imagination and squeeze that creative juices out. Find some time to try out some of these good graphic design ideas and see what outputs you can accomplish.

Jake Rheude

Jake Rheude

Jake Rheude is the Director of Marketing at Red Stag Fulfillment, an ecommerce fulfillment warehouse that was born out of ecommerce. He has years of experience in ecommerce and business development. In his free time, Jake enjoys reading about business and sharing his own experience with others