Is Remote Work Right for My Business?

If you’ve come to this article, you’ve probably seen the turbulent times of 2020, and how many businesses have struggled. Is remote work right for my business, or am I doomed like the rest?

COVID-19 caused a sudden and swift shift to remote work for many businesses. This abrupt change has certainly made it difficult for many employees to adjust to the new normal: working from home.

This doesn’t mean that the whole remote work life was a new concept for everyone. Many companies were already living in the pandemic era, as they work fully remote.

In the UK, more than 1.54 million people worked from home for their primary job in 2019, compared to just 884,000 in 2009, according to the ONS Labor Force Survey, the largest study of employment circumstances in the UK.

This ongoing trend is considered to be the best solution to help easily manage, engage, and boost your team’s productivity in a cost-effective way. 

Until today, many are still wondering, “is remote work is right for my business?” or is it just another fad? Let’s dive in to find out…

Benefits of Working Remotely

Building a great remote team culture and attracting global talents

Working remotely is the key to opening a talent pool for your business.
In fact, many startups are constantly looking for international talents to join their remote teams and improve the quality of their business.

Breaking the geographical boundaries and adopting a flexible remote work culture and collaborating with a global team will definitely be a great factor to ensure a culture of openness and team spirit for a business. It also prompts market expansion as you’re working with different locals who possess deep knowledge of their country’s market.

Working in a virtual office environment and communicating efficiently

The transition to working from home, outside of an office environment, makes it difficult for most people to show the same motivation and stay productive.

That’s why many businesses are now leaning towards the concept of virtual offices, where you’re able to lean over somebody’s desk and ask a question online.

oVice, a virtual office, creates a layer of a real office environment in the virtual world. Teams can get together in one space, work, collaborate, and connect, in a spontaneous way – exactly like real life.

Inside the virtual office, people interact as avatars with the ability to virtually walk around, go inside lockable conference rooms, and take coffee breaks together!

It starts with creating a virtual space, choosing a layout background that suits your team (space, underwater – the possibilities are endless), adding a few interactive elements like bulletin boards or background music, and your office is ready! In no time, your remote team can feel closer than ever.

Save big money and allow your team to work in a remote office.

Take a tour of the oVice virtual office here.

Saving money for your business and employees

One of the largest expenses that a business could have is real estate. The larger the team, the larger the space that you need. Not to mention the electricity, equipment, and furniture payments that will most likely burn a hole in your pocket. The larger the space, the larger the cost!

It goes the same for employees – especially if they’re commuting to the office. Commutes can often cause a lot of stress and tension, leaving employees to become demotivated and fatigued whilst working.

Saving money and benefiting your employees should be a big enough reason, right? Working remotely means you no longer have to work in a remote office and/or use remote working tools. Giving up those expensive office chairs allows you to be a more financially efficient business…

So how does this all add up? 

Along with adopting a fully remote or hybrid work culture, there are specific attributes of long-term, successful businesses.

Working remotely in a culturally diverse team is just one of these outstanding elements. From improving team productivity and performance, to leading to growth and business profitability. The secret is to think broadly and openly about remote work and its’ benefits.

Your team and your business, today and into the future, are with the upgrade. Maybe it’s about time you started working remotely?

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