YouTube channel animation for J.P. Palmer Watches

Tannah Cantrell
February 29, 2024

J.P. Palmer Watches is a Manufacture of bespoke timepieces, watches, and clocks.

What J.P. Palmer Watches needed

In order to increase brand awareness, the founder of J.P. Palmer Watches - James Palmer - was looking to bring the business to a completely new platform: YouTube. The video content channel would then document the process of making the custom-made products.

To help kick-start this video campaign, the client was in need of an intro sequence for their YouTube channel.

The brief for this project was simple: the intro needed to be short and high quality, drawing viewers from all places in. As a reference point, styling by Ben Marriott was touched upon to give the project greater depth.

How did Twine help?

While searching for freelance professionals to take on the task, J.P. Palmer Watches came across Twine. Upon realizing Twine vets all freelancers that enter the platform, James realized this was the right place to outsource an expert animator.

Here, they met Meysam, and soon found they were the right expert professional to take on the task. They took the time to work through the client's requirements and created content that encompassed the project entirely.

“ … I’m sure I will approach him for more work in the future!”

The result

Meysam delivered an excellent introduction animation, which can be seen on the J.P. Palmer Watches YouTube channel.

Here’s what James Palmer had to say about their collaboration, “Meysam was extremely professional on this project and met all the deadlines he set. I’m very happy with the animation he made me and I’m sure I will approach him for more work in the future!”

Check out Meysam's profile here.

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