How Expert Option was able to obtain a series of multi-language educational content

Tannah Cantrell
November 29, 2022

Expert Option is a trading platform, founded with a vision to create a 100% transparent trading experience for its clients.

Through deposit, trade, and withdrawal, users of this platform can open real accounts and add funds using over 20 payment systems, for multiple devices. A leader in the online trading industry, Expert Option is trusted by more than 70,000,000 clients.

What Expert Option needed

As the Expert Option platform offers educational services in regard to trading, they were looking to make a series of multi-language desktop trading videos. This content was then to be distributed across their various channels and media platforms, before being showcased on their domain.

As this was a corporate financial project, it was crucial all requirements for the project were met and handled with complete transparency and confidentiality. Strict adherence to guidelines and core company messaging was critical to ensure project success.

Video content was needed in the following languages: Arabic, Spanish, and Brazilian.

How did Twine help?

While searching for freelance professionals to take on the task, Expert Option came across Twine. Upon realizing Twine vets all freelancers that enter the platform, Expert Option realized this was the right place to outsource an expert videographer.

Here, they met Denizali, and soon found they were the right expert professional to take on the task. They took the time to work through the client's requirements and created video content that encompassed the project entirely.

“Excellent Videographer! …”

The result

Denizali delivered a fantastic series of multi-language desktop trading videos, which the client was able to use throughout their educational services.

Here’s what the team at Expert Option had to say about their collaboration, “Excellent Videographer! Willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything is delivered as expected.”

Check out Denizali's profile here.

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