How Solaris DX gained an educational animation

Tannah Cantrell
November 29, 2022

Solaris Diagnostics is a CLIA-certified laboratory specializing in advanced diagnostics and molecular genetics testing.

Their scientists have received training in a wide range of critical areas, including molecular genetics, microbiology, cytogenetics, biochemistry, and pharmacology. What is their mission? To provide industry-leading laboratory services that are supported by continuous research, resulting in better patient care and results.

What Solaris DX needed

In order to promote a new line of Monkeypox Testing Kits, Solaris DX was looking to hire a 2D animator to deliver an insightful, professional animation that enabled others to determine whether they may be carrying the Monkeypox virus.

It was essential the short project was handled with immense care and consideration. The animation would take the viewer through many stages of health information, including Recognizing that they have Monkeypox Symptoms, all the way to conducting testing.

How did Twine help?

Whilst searching for freelance professionals to take on the task, Solaris DX came across Twine. Upon realizing Twine vets all freelancers that enter the platform, Solaris DX realized this was the right place to outsource an expert 2D animator.

Here, they met Ayobami, and soon found they were the right expert professional to take on the task. Ayobami took the time to work through the client's requirements and build an animation that exceeded their expectations.

The result

Solaris DX now has a professional animation that is used to educate others on safety around Monkeypox testing. They have gone on to post the finished content on their various social media platforms, in hopes of spreading awareness and encouraging further discussion.

Being a part of the Medtech industry with no experience in animation, Solaris DX have described their encounter with Ayobami as being, “incredibly patient with us and worked hard on any revisions we needed”.

Check out Ayobami's profile here.

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