Custom, modern website design for Swiss insurtech startups

Tannah Cantrell
February 29, 2024

Legal-i is a Swiss Insurtech startup that helps accelerate medical insurance claims from years to months.

Thanks to their software, medical insurance specialists are able to find the relevant information in medical files, and similar cases with similar relevant facts in the archive. This clarity helps insurance and the injured person.

What Legal-i needed

Legal-i was facing a huge demand. Unfortunately, the website they were using was not up to the task of dealing with the influx of work, displaying an outdated and unsuitable design that didn’t best reflect the business.

Legal-i required a total website redesign that best reflected their new branding, including new colors, logo, and guidelines. The design they were looking for needed to be simple yet modern - encapsulating their services and allowing them to stand out from the competition.

How did Twine help?

While searching for freelance professionals to take on the task, Legal-i came across Twine. Upon realizing Twine vets all freelancers that enter the platform, Legal-i realized this was the right place to outsource an expert web designer.

Here, they met Virginia, and soon found they were the right expert professional to take on the task. They took the time to work through the client's requirements and created content that encompassed the project entirely.

“ Very professional …”

The result

Virginia delivered on the project, creating a web design for Legal-i that finally encompassed the brand's core message. The client left the project with a website that they were proud to promote, impressing new customers to come.

Here’s what Legal-i had to say about their collaboration, “Very professional, fast, and easy to communicate with … I can highly recommend (Virginia) in every regard!”

Check out Virginia's profile here.

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