How Victory Home Team successfully launched their rebranding campaign

Tannah Cantrell
November 29, 2022

Victory Home Team is a real estate agency based in Minnesota. Their goal is to empower clients to make intelligent real estate purchases and sales decisions.

As part of their services, they offer a mortgage calculator, a home evaluation, and both buying and selling expertise.

What Victory Home Team needed

As part of a rebranding campaign, Victory Home Team needed an animated video showing the merging of two teams. The concept had a hospitality theme, with two hands holding tumblers featuring old logos before a connection that would transform into the new logo.

This short animated video needed to use a number of existing and new brand assets, so maintaining focus and following strict guidelines here was key.

The content also needed to be ready to distribute on a variety of platforms in order to kickstart the campaign. From here, the video content would be published on the client's social media channels and website.

How did Twine help?

While searching for freelance professionals to take on the task, Victory Home Team came across Twine. Upon realizing Twine vets all freelancers that enter the platform, Victory Home Team realized this was the right place to outsource an expert animator.

Here, they met Richard, and they soon found they were the right expert professional to take on the task. Richard took the time to work through the client's requirements and created an animation that encompassed the project entirely.

Richard crushed our project …”

The result

Richard delivered the animation with flying colors, exceeding the client's expectations. The 20-30 second long video was used alongside their rebranding campaign and the client helped bring in customers from all over the internet.

Here’s what Victory Home Team has to say about Richard, “Richard crushed our project, he saw our direction with very few editing issues and handled it like a professional when he was waiting on info from us. Overall highly recommend.”

Check out Richard's profile here.

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