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Jake Schneider
London, United Kingdom

I'm a musician who specialises in mix and mastering production, composition, music and vocal arrangements. I'm Jake from JAS Music, a musician and producer from London. I am a multi-instrumentalist with perfect pitch and time. I can write, record an

Jake Schneider
London, United Kingdom

I'm a musician who specialises in mix and mastering production, composition, music and vocal arrangements. I'm Jake from JAS Music, a musician and producer from London. I am a multi-instrumentalist with perfect pitch and time. I can write, record an

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We have over 804 Music Producers in London, GB! Twine will help you find the perfect Music Producer for your project.

£150 per day (GBP)
I'm a musician who specialises in mix and mastering production, composition, music and vocal arrangements. I'm Jake from JAS Music, a musician and producer from London. I am a multi-instrumentalist with perfect pitch and time. I can write, record and produce many styles of music to a very high standard which include Rock, Indie, Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Funk, Blues, and Cinematic. I'm a successful Stock Music library composer with 500 original tracks that sell on many of the top industry libraries to media, advertising and film makers across the world. --- Employment experience Music Composer and Producer Mix and Mastering Producer Session Guitarist JAS Music Ltd November 2017 - Present Qualifications and education Triple Distinction* in BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music Production at Epping Forest College 2012
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$250 per day (USD)
I'm a musician, composer, arranger and producer who is specialized in songwriting and composing both for my own project and for other artists since 2016. My music spans alt-folk, indie rock and pop soul and I'm influenced by artists like Damon Albarn, Gorillaz, Moby, Angus Stone and Paolo Nutini. These are my personal tastes, but as a producer I span to many different genres (everything that has to do with Pop music.) My soundtracks are somewhere between the music of Gustavo Santaolalla and Hans Zimmer. I have written and produced my own tracks (that you can find on Spotify) and I have worked with many artists and producers, co-writing and producing their songs. I'm often hired to write strong melodies and catchy hooks. In this field, I worked with Paolo Nutini's Producer Dani Castelar and Placebo's producer Dimitri Tikovoi. I'm now composing and producing leitmotifs and soundtracks for advertisements and short-movies. Currently working on a short movie who will be proposed for Venezia Film Festival 2021 and other international film festivals. I'm a third year student of songwriting at BIMM University in London. Thanks to my first EP “I Come As I Am”, released with Warner Music Benelux on January 2017, I played more than 150 gigs around Europe. In September 2019, ITB (International Talent Booking) presented me at IFF as one of the future festivals headliner. In January 2020 I worked on the production of my first album “Techno Drug Store” who has been released in October. I'm a music lover and I'm available to work on any kind of project! _____________________________________________________________________________ Spotify: Instagram: _Website not available. Sign in: Twitter: _Website not available. Sign in: Website: _Website not available. Sign in: Email: _Email not available. Sign in:
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$50 per day (USD)
A young East African rap-artist, singer, songwriter, beatmaker and music producer. With an affinity for AFRO based sounds 💯💯🍻 music production/ songwriting & composition/ beat making/ recording/ singing choruses or hooks/ rap/ verse arrangements/ voiceovers/ vocalizations and cosultation among other things. Have a look at my social media links & portfolio below for afew references of my work: WEBSITE: _Website not available. Sign in: INSTAGRAM: _Website not available. Sign in: YOUTUBE: _Website not available. Sign in: or contact me on my email: _Email not available. Sign in: or via whatsapp on the number_Phone details not available. Sign in: --- **Employment and project experience** **Sound Engineer** SWAHIPI. _October 2017 - Present_ **Music Producer** SWAHIPI. _January 2012 - Present_ ---
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$250 per day (USD)
I'm an award winning live-looping beatboxer, producer, composer, DJ and public speaker. I'm most often found at festivals, live events, corporates, award ceremonies, product launches, international conferences, team building sessions, private events, and for commissions, online and TV campaigns, music consulting and public speaking on technology, creativity and mental health. Previous clients include Google, Ford, Smirnoff, BBC Music, Glastonbury Festival, Bacardi, Bestival, XBox, Red Bull, Nokia, Southbank Centre, Microsoft, WIRED, Viacom, TEDx, Sony, Lloyds Bank, Vauxhall, War Child and Royal Albert Hall. I've performed and collaborated with artists like Ed Sheeran, Bjork, Damon Albarn, Rudimental, Lily Allen and Basement Jaxx. You can see my digital experiences showreel right here: _Website not available. Sign in: And learn more about my remote offerings in the slide deck here: _Website not available. Sign in:
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£50 per day (GBP)
JO PAULO. Born in Portugal, Based in London, UK. CONTACT & BOOKINGS: _Email not available. Sign in: Jo Paulo is a UK based music producer/composer who specialises in working on various genres. His passion for music came from an early age of ten when he used to spend hours listening to House and Hip-hop music mainly from European and American artists. Jo Paulo was born in Viana do Castelo, a beautiful city in Portugal where he was inspired by various artists and genres. As a child he took part in most of his school and inter-school events and competitions which then sparked his interest in composing and producing music. Jo Paulo discovered his music making skills in "MUSIC 3000" a game for the playstation 1. He then went on to make beats on the Reason 3 platform on windows, which enhanced his ability of creating and structuring songs as a producer. Jo Paulo joined a group named 'UC-US' which comprised of singers and rappers in the year 2005, this is where he was given the opportunity to draw public attention to his talent and understanding of music. This marked as a platform for learning where he gained experience of organising recording sessions with various artists such as Ultra and Chris CG to name a few, with Jo Paulo being the sole producer of inhouse projects. The experience gained from here helped him shape his career in music production along with improving his professional skills of working with different genres and performing with various artists. Jo-Paulo is also known for remixing famous songs under the name 'SJP' which have gained popularity on YouTube. He's known for remixing songs in a unique way which tends to set a trend thus, he attracts known and upcoming artists for producing their songs. -Links to Jo Paulo's most famous remix: MARTIN SOLVEIG - HELLO (SJP REMIX) _Website not available. Sign in: JO PAULO YOUTUBE CHANNEL _Website not available. Sign in: JO PAULO SOUNDCLOUD _Website not available. Sign in:
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£200 per day (GBP)
Hi there, I'm a young but seasoned engineer/producer working in and around London and Birmingham. I have been working professionally as an engineer/producer across multiple softwares for the last 5/6 years. Being fluent in so many softwares has become a big help for me when collaborating with artists over the years. I work across many different genres such as Rnb, Hip Hop, House, Soul Music, Rock etc. I have experience in recording and mixing bands so these arrangements can be made also. My time over the last few months has been filled with a lot of one to one sessions with artists who are recording over instrumentals from UK Drill to Soul. In person studio sessions available for booking in London and Birmingham. As a capable audio engineer I am also open to work on projects such as podcasts and similar ideas, just drop me a line.
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£50 per day (GBP)
Rémi Brossier is a French born London based music composer. Combining cinematographic orchestral based music fused with other eclectic music genres and styles makes his work as unique as he is. He always conveys powerful emotions via a wide range of techniques, renews his approach and his work for each project thanks to his versatility and strikingly pushes boundaries when telling epic adventures or intimate stories with imaginative scores. His most attractive features and also constant goals are to move and surprise the audience in order to keep them engaged and provide the best experience. With that said, Rémi delivers every time. His biggest influences include Mark Isham, Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams, Jesper Kyd, Tyler Bates, Nobuo Uematsu, Junkie XL and many more… Rémi started making music 15 years ago when he very quickly felt the need to create his own material while growing a love for movie scores. He continuously explored, to that day, the endless possibilities of music. He decided to offer his artisanal composer skills a few years ago and is now known for his work on several short films, a feature film, a teaser for a ‘Silent Hill’ video game and the documentary ‘Mexican Wave’. So far, his biggest achievements are: - the short film ‘BURN’, which has already won 3 awards for best short film at the 17th Shriekfest Film Festival in Los Angeles, the Glasgow Horror Festival and the Macoproject Online Film Festival in New York. - the feature film ‘White Powder’ for which he created a full length original score and accompanied the film’s promotion. The film won an award for best narrative feature film at the Miami Beach Film Festival and best trailer at the Miami Wide Screen Festival, Florida. Rémi is currently working on his 3rd collaboration with both ‘BURN’ director, for another short film, and ‘White Powder’ writer/director, for another feature film.
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£100 per day (GBP)
Hey guys! I've been producing music for 5+ years now, the genres I specialise in are Pop, RnB, Indie and Hip-Hop but I am able to produce other genres too! I provide all of the following services: - Music Production (included beat making + beat remaking + mixing & mastering) - Song Writing (includes lyrics, melodies, arrangement and concept ideas)
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How To Hire a Music Producer in London, GB

To kick things off, choose which type of producers you’d like to pitch on your brief

For example:

  • Pop music producers
  • Christian music producers
  • EDM producers
  • Hip hop producers
  • Song producers

Next, it’s time to write up your brief and start the hiring process:

How To Find A Producer

Finding & vetting the perfect creative for your project might seem like a time-consuming prospect.

Twine does the hard work for you by matching you with top music producers using over ten different criteria and manually-vetting their pitches.

Here’s a quick overview of how to find a music producer on Twine:

  1. Write your brief & post up a job
  2. Wait for freelance music producers to pitch on your project
  3. Review your pitches and choose a freelancer
  4. Negotiate your terms
  5. Get to work!
Writing a music production brief

Here’s a stat for you:

60% of freelancers abandon a job pitch halfway through for being too long or complex

Although Twine matches you to suitable creatives and vets their pitches…’s still really important to make sure your job brief is well-written in order to attract high-quality pitches.

When writing up your music production brief, make sure you include the following information:

  • Who you are
  • What you need (and why)
  • The scope & size of your project
  • References of tracks you like
  • Target audience
  • Budget
  • Deadline

If you’d like any more guidance on how to write the perfect brief, check out our example music production brief.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Music Producer in London, GB?

The cost of hiring a music producer will largely depend on the nature of your project.

For example, hiring a seasoned producer for a full-band album will cost significantly-more than hiring a junior producer for a simple acoustic track.

So, on average, how much is it to hire a music producer?

Using the data gathered from our network of freelance music producers, here are the ranges you can expect for a day’s work (7-8 hours):

Music Producer LevelJuniorMid-LevelExpert
Day Rate$150-250$250-350$350-500

Here are the price ranges in GBP:

Music Producer LevelJuniorMid-LevelExpert
Day Rate£100-200£200-250£250-400

For a more-detailed overview of music producer rates on Twine, head over to our jobs board to browse current music production projects.

How much does it cost to record a song in a studio?

The cost of recording a song in a studio can be anything from a couple of hundred dollars, up to several thousand dollars.

Using the data collected from a network of US-based recording studios, the average price to record a song in a studio (excluding production costs) is $480.

How much does a recording engineer cost?

Using the data from our platform, here are the rates you can expect from a freelance recording engineer for a day’s work (7-8 hours):

Music Producer LevelJuniorMid-LevelExpert
Day Rate$150-250$250-350$350-500
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a music producer?

Great question!

Music producers are essentially project managers for recording-based projects. They work directly with the artist to navigate the recording process and ensure the finished recording is the best it can possibly be.

A producer’s duties will typically include:

  • Planning all logistical aspects of the recording process
  • Serving as the middleman between the artist & engineer
  • Coaching the artist to perform at their very best
  • Making suggestions to the arrangement & song structure

Many freelance music producers are also well-versed in other relevant skills, such as:

  • Engineering
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Songwriting

Therefore, if you’re looking for an all-encompassing production process, be sure to include any additional skills you require in your project brief.

When hiring a creative, be sure to get a full overview of the videographer’s skills to determine whether or not you’ll need to hire additional personnel for your project (such as a director or a post-production engineer).

Why hire a music producer?

Here’s the deal:

After spending a significant amount of time writing a track from scratch… becomes impossible to hear it from an audience perspective.

Similarly, if you’re focussed on the logistical and technical aspects of the recording process…

...this can pull you out of the creative headspace you need to be in to produce a top-quality product.

A freelance music producer serves as a fresh set of ears on your track, providing the necessary guidance to take things from demo-level to a commercially-viable product.

With a producer handling the logistics, you’re able to focus solely on being the music, leading to a better-quality performance.

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