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    uniE608 Eaton New MFBA2V Family of High-Reliability AECQ Automotive Grade Surface Mount Ferrite Beads
    https://www.twine.net/signin Eaton’s new MFBA2V family of high-reliability AECQ automotive grade surface mount ferrite beads are ideal for noise reduction in automotive applications including electronic control units, powertrains, body controls, and multimedia. These multilayer ferrite beads are manufactured using world-class quality standards to meet AEC-Q200 certification, moisture sensitivity level 1, and are REACH and RoHS qualified. https://www.twine.net/signin
    uniE608 VMF VPF Hybrid LIC Supercapacitors from CDE - Illinois Capacitor
    https://www.twine.net/signin VMF and VPF have nearly eight times the energy density and a fraction of the leakage current of similar volume 2.7V supercapacitors, designers can use smaller or fewer components to achieve the desired amount of energy storage. https://www.twine.net/signin
    uniE608 Azoteq Waterproof Inductive Button
    https://www.twine.net/signin Azoteq can design dust- and waterproof inductive buttons for action cameras. Contactless sensing makes action cameras super reliable and easy to manufacture. A small deflection of a metal object is sensed by an inductive coil sealed inside the housing. https://www.twine.net/signin
    uniE608 Two Phase Enhanced Air Cooling with Boyd
    https://www.twine.net/signin Boyd Two-phase enhanced air cooling enables higher heat capacity, less airflow, and more efficient energy use in compact thermal management solutions for cooler components in high power devices. https://www.twine.net/signin
    uniE608 TT Electronics OARS Open Air Sense Resistors
    https://www.twine.net/signin TT Electronics OARS Open Air Sense Resistors offer compliant terminations that allow them to expand and contract with the PC board's thermal cycling, enabling them to meet or exceed the 1000-2000 cycles required by most automotive manufacturers. The unique lead form of the OARS resistors provides an inherent advantage in compliance to the mechanical stress caused by thermal cycling. https://www.twine.net/signin
    uniE608 Azoteq Waterproof Inductive Slider Interface
    https://www.twine.net/signin Azoteq uses inductive technology to design a completely waterproof slider interface. Inductive coils on the PCB detect the absolute position of a metal object. All electronics can be sealed away from water and dust while the coils detect the movement of the metal object outside the housing. https://www.twine.net/signin
    uniE608 Altech's Connectwell CY-Series
    https://www.twine.net/signin Altech'sConnectwell CY-Series terminal blocks feature screw clamp technology, universal push-in jumper system, snap-on ground blocks and additional center marking areas. https://www.twine.net/signin
    uniE608 How to Size a Supercapacitor with Eaton
    https://www.twine.net/signin Learn how to use Eaton's supercapacitor calculator to correctly size the right supercapacitor for your application. https://www.twine.net/signin
    uniE608 Abracon Power Inductors
    https://www.twine.net/signin Abracon introduces multiple series of standard and automotive grade power inductors optimized for a wide range of applications from high power automotive and industrial grade to medium power low profile solutions down to ultra-compact wearable devices, and IoT. https://www.twine.net/signin
    uniE608 Introducing to Nexperia SiGe Rectifiers
    https://www.twine.net/signin Nexperia's SiGe rectifiers are ideal for providing the benefits of high efficiency, ease of thermal design, and a small form factor. Low forward voltage and low Qrr in combination with extremely high thermal stability are the main product features to support your needs. https://www.twine.net/signin
    uniE608 NXP Motor Control Solutions Go Beyond The Silicon
    https://www.twine.net/signin NXP Motor Control Solutions Go Beyond The Silicon. NXP scalable MCU families and processors are suited for the most demanding industrial applications and offer an extended temperature range. https://www.twine.net/signin
    uniE608 Panasonic’s EV-A Series Automotive Relay (DC Contactor)
    https://www.twine.net/signin Panasonic’s EV-A Series Automotive Relay (DC Contactor) is a 250A @ 500V DC Contactor that has an incredibly small and lightweight design. This Automotive Relay is suitable for usage in Electric Vehicles, DC Charging Stations and other high voltage DC applications such as Hybrid Construction Equipment. https://www.twine.net/signin

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