Video collection for AI project

People in Places Data Set Collection

Welcome to the video collection for AI project introduction page, where you can find everything you need to know if you are looking to be involved in this global project

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What we are looking for?

We require creative freelancers (of any background) to film short (up to 30 second) videos on a mobile phone. This will be done through our own app, available on iOS and Android devices.

Videos have to be filmed in pairs, one collector and one subject. You will then switch roles, creating two sets of content. Each individual will be paid for the videos they create.

They must either already be a Twine member or willing to create a Twine account to participate in the project. Sign up your freelancer friend to Twine and get them involved.

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About the project

With artificial intelligence beginning to transform the technological landscape, our scientific research client, is working to improve AI by collecting consented and privacy preserving video datasets, to be crowdsourced globally by Twine freelancers.

The video content is to train machine learning models to recognise specific activities eg."sitting down", “picking up an object”, “opening a door”.


We need people who are:

  • Creative and able to film simple videos on their phone
  • Looking to earn money quite quickly
  • Excited by the prospect of helping with the future of artificial intelligence
  • Have a freelancing friend that they can film with in pairs on location
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What are we paying?

You can earn up to $350 per week as part of this project.

This is based on 1-2 hours work per day for 7 days. You will be paid an average of $2.32 per video at present (this will vary due to demand on certain collections and prices may increase/decrease accordingly) and can film up to 22 different collections per day.

You can be as involved as you want, for as long as you want in this project, however the collector team reserves the right to decrease (or increase) your involvement as needed.

Payment for your work will be released through Twine. Payments run from week to week and you are paid within 14 days of the cut off date (every Sunday, 11:59pm).

Payments are made via the payment method you select under ‘payout method’ within your Twine settings. We have recently increased the number of payment options for all users. Please make sure you have selected an option here - if not, you won’t be paid.

If your video is declined, due to not following our criteria or any other reason, you will not receive payment.

What is the content of the videos?

There will be around 22 collections available to film per day. Collections are added/removed from the app due to demand.

Collections contain a series of activities to form 1 video. For example - Entering and exiting a building door (collection) - Activities involved - opening, entering, closing, opening, exiting, closing.

Not all collections have to be filmed, you can choose the ones that are achievable for yourself. We understand there may be restraints in location or access.

Each collection can only be filmed once per day. You will not be paid for a repeated collection if submitted on the same day.

You can only repeat a collection under the following conditions:

  • The collection is filmed on a different day each time
  • The Subject is wearing significantly different clothing
  • The location or background of the video is significantly different
  • If a vehicle collection, a different vehicle is used for each repeat action

Please consider variation is what we are aiming for, we do not want multiples of the same video.

Example Videos

Please see a collection of sample videos made by the team. This will give you an idea of the types of collections you will be making.

App Download Details

All content must be filmed through our own app developed for this project. The videos will be submitted directly through the app.

Details on how to download the app will be sent to you separately as the app is not public at present.


  • Do we need any additional filming devices/equipment?

    No, you only need a phone to film on per person. This can be an iphone or an android. Tripods can not be used as the app requires the collector to interact with the phone whilst filming.

  • Why do we have to film in pairs?

    You need a partner to use the app whilst filming. While on location you can film 2 videos per collection, meaning you both get paid.

  • Do they need to be edited?

    No editing is required in this project. Once filmed in app, you submit the video right away

  • Can I film a collection more than once?

    You can do multiple videos of the same collection as long as the variation rules are followed.

  • Will my partner be paid as well?

    You are paid per video uploaded to the account that it came from. Therefore if you both film on two devices, you will both be paid for what you create.

  • What is the length of the project?

    We are running this project for a few months, but your involvement is completely up to yourself. You are limited to 22 videos per day but can film over as many days as you want. These also do not have to be consecutive days.

  • What if I am restricted in movement due to COVID-19?

    We are advising all participants to follow their local government guidelines during this pandemic. Please only participate in a manner that is currently permitted within your country. Most people are currently filming within and around their homes, with people already in their household. When freedom of movement is less restricted you will have the ability to film at any location necessary. Please only apply for this job if you will be able to film with a partner you are able to come into contact with.

  • Why does my partner need a Twine account?

    Payments are made through the payout method you have selected within your Twine account. If we do not have an account to connect this too, we can not make payment. We also need to be able to track who is working with who. This will be done using your Twine ID.

  • Will we receive advance payments for this job?

    No, due to the scale of the project, we will not be offering advance payments. All payments will be made within 14 days of the weekly cut of date (every Sunday, 11:59pm). We will pay using the payment method you have selected in your Twine account.

  • How is payment calculated?

    You are paid on average $2.32 per approved video you upload, per person. (please note this may fluctuate due to demand of specific collections and is not a set price). We payout on the videos that meet our criteria, therefore please follow the instructions carefully to avoid losing money for your time and effort. The payment weeks run Monday to Sunday, any videos you have created within that week will be added together to a total payout amount and will then be paid via Twine within 14 days. Note there are transaction fees depending on which payment method you use. Read more about transaction fees.

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