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Bin Butler - Full Branding & website

Graphic Designer
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Hello Designers,

I’m on the lookout for the right designer to help me with branding a new business I am launching. I’ve been struggling a little bit with the vision I have for the brand, I’ve sent the project out to a few designers, who haven’t really delivered what I was looking for. Im on the lookout for a designer who can utilise their design inspiration and implement it into my brand and work around the current ideas I have.

Here’s a bit about the business.

Bin Butler is the answer to every homeowner’s dream…a monthly trash can cleaning service! From the comfort of your livingroom, you can sign up to have Bin Butler visit your home each month with their self-contained can cleaning truck, and you’ll never have a smelly trash can again.

so that’s a brief intro to us.

if you google wheelie bin cleaners, UK based, you will see most of the branding look really dull and boring. it would only attract the attention of people who go looking for a bin clean, we want the brand to draw them to us, we want them to book a bin clean because they want to see our fun brand again. We want children to point out our work vehicles to their parents but yet their parents also being interested in the brand and actually remembering the brand.

we want a fun approach to our brand. we want to get the point across that we will make their bins clean and smelling fresh. the price starts at £4.50 per month, so we want people to know they can afford the brand but at the same time, we operate in a historical city of Bath, and would like to keep a bit of a classic kind of vibe.

we are feeling a kind of retro/vintage type theme but looking for a real modern twist on this, not quite pop art retro but a more stylish approach but keeping that kind of cartoon feel for the brand. the mascot can do the cartoon feel. we also don’t want to be showing smelly trash on our website like images, this is why we well a more cartoon/vector images approach would work better, taking the nasty element away from the whole bin cleaning theme.

ref websites - love the way they get the brand to stand out. the characters have a bit of a retro vibe to them. Defo a head-turner - this has a really vintage type feel. it would be nice to see a brand with a mix of both websites. - i can feel the retro vibe here - website could be done better with better images/grapics

or the other option is, going with real modern vector style characters, with a stylish icon type logo with the text next to the logo. a real modern up to date brand…ng-Service

the question is, do you think you would be able to help us create a brand? we need most of the stuff a new business would need.

logo and mascots
van wrap design - or seeing some design of how the van could look
social - profile pic, banner, blog post

and website create - that will allow the customer to book online and then be sent across to a job list

let me know what you think and if you think you might be able to help. we can open a 121 and provide more details and budget, we can move from there and see if we’re the right fit for each other.

hope to hear from you soon.



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Posted a month ago
based in Bath, United Kingdom
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