The Best Abnormal Behavior Detection Datasets of 2022

Behavior detection is a highly sought-after topic for training machine learning models. That said, it’s not always easy to find behavior detection datasets to train your models. 

That’s why we’ve done the tricky bit for you. We’ve searched high and low here at Twine to find the best behavior detection datasets.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in.

Here are our top picks for Behavior Detection Datasets:

ResNet Model Dataset

This dataset contains an intelligent video surveillance system that detects and recognizes abnormal behaviors timely and accurately. The key breakthrough point in recognizing abnormal behaviors is how to obtain the effective features of the picture, so as to solve the problem of recognizing them. In order to reduce the noise of the data edge, and at the same time, improve the accuracy of the data and speed up the training, a BN (Batch Normalization) layer is added before the activation function in this network. This model has a 2.8% higher accuracy in recognition of abnormal behaviors on the public UTI dataset. 

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Anomalous Behavior Dataset

This dataset contains 8 image sequences that depict a wide range of challenging scenarios, including illumination effects, scene clutter, variable target appearance, rapid motion, and camera jitter. All sequences are available with manually constructed ground truth that identifies anomalous behavior relative to a training portion of the video. Contains MP3/MP4 files.

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Suspicious Behavior Detection Dataset

This dataset models suspicious behavior — behavior that may occur before a person commits a crime — by detecting precise segments of a video with a high probability to contain a shoplifting crime. This dataset provides staff with more opportunities to act and prevent crime. A 3DCNN model has been implemented as a video feature extractor and tested its performance on a dataset composed of daily-action and shoplifting samples. The results are encouraging, since it correctly identifies 75% of the cases where a crime is about to happen.

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Student Dangerous Behavior Detection

This dataset focuses on detecting dangerous behaviors of students automatically, which faces numerous challenges, such as insufficient datasets, confusing postures, keyframes detection, and prompt response. To address these challenges, the danger behavior dataset, with locations and labels from surveillance videos, transforms action recognition of long videos into an object detection task that avoids keyframes detection. It combines multi-scale body features and keypoints-based pose features to detect danger. 

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Wrapping up

To conclude, here are top picks for the best behavior detection datasets for your projects:

  1. ResNet Model Dataset
  2. Anomalous Behavior Dataset
  3. Suspicious Behavior Detection Dataset
  4. Student Dangerous Behavior Dataset

We hope that this list has helped you find a dataset for your project or, realize the myriad options available. 

Please let us know if there are any datasets you would like us to add to the list.

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