How To Make Your Product Launch Video Stand Out

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The Key to Creating a Killer Product Launch Video:

Video marketing is an ever-growing art form for marketers around the globe – and that’s for good reason.

Marketing videos come in many shapes and forms: whether they’re a brand awareness video or a product launch video, like what we’ll be discussing today. Essentially, marketing your business in video form gives you the opportunity to really showcase your product or service.

But, in an oversaturated market, how do you appear different to the rest and create standout promotions? After all, the goal is to – you know – sell stuff?

So, whether it’s a product launch video for your home page or even a full-blown TV commercial – here’s how to make your product launch video really pop.

The less said, the better

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Okay, so you could talk for days about how innovative your product is, and you may even be pretty convincing. That’s if anyone actually listened…

Think about it – when a 2-minute ad pops up on Youtube, how many times have you quickly zoned out and pressed skip? Probably tons.

We’re bombarded by advertising everywhere we go, so the best marketing videos are concise and memorable.

Here are a few stand out marketing tips you should cover in your product launch video:
  1. Why does your product exist in the first place?

    Just to clarify, this isn’t your cue for an existential crisis. If thinking about your product gives you an existential crisis, you’ve probably got a marketing problem from the off.

    You need to be thinking about what market gap your product is filling. How are you making life easier for your audience? What problem are you solving?

    If this comes with a hilarious product genesis story, even better.
  2. Why is your product the answer? 

    This is where you tell everyone why your product is going to solve all the problems in the world… or just the one you’ve already outlined. Your choice.
  3. How does it work? 

    Tell your customer the main features and how to use them – make this as simple as possible. That’s probably our #1 tip on how to make your project stand out, as you wouldn’t believe how many marketers get this wrong.

    No one wants to buy a stapler that’s as complicated to operate as a Formula 1 car…
  4. What next? 

    CTA’s (call-to-action) aren’t just marketing nonsense. There’s no point telling your customers all this wonderful information in a product video, if you don’t tell them where to get the product or service!

At most, the best product videos take no longer than 60 seconds. 90 at a push, or 120 if you’re really really funny or the video is seriously well-produced. This means you need to plan ahead and have a script outlined that gets all this covered.

Don’t try and bypass this limit by talking at 120mph – give the message time to settle in your customer’s mind.

Know your audience

2 yellow balloons with smiley faces painted onto them

The importance of this really cannot be overstated and that’s why it’s a cornerstone of marketing. Know who the audience for your product is and tailor your message to them.

But knowing your audience isn’t – contrary to popular opinion – just intuition. You can’t force particular people to buy your product. Not to sound negative, but are you sure you even have an audience?

Do your research and make sure there’s interest – and who’s interested – before you blow thousands on a video that’s going to do zero work for your brand. This means market & product research, surveys etc. This doesn’t have to be a laborious process. If you’ve got a company Twitter account, their embedded analytics tool gives you a breakdown of the demographics of your audience and even their main interests.

Make it engaging

fireworks being lit to demonstrate an exciting video

A wobbly video of you droning on and on for 30 minutes isn’t going to fool anyone. You’ve got to tell a story. There’s a reason car ads do more than just show you the car; they show you where it could take you.

Equally, don’t go overboard with conceptual stuff. As beautiful and eye catching as an ad might be, this can overshadow the message. It’s no use if your customer has no idea what the ad they just watched was for. You want a well-produced video that drives conversions, not a piece of high art. Ultimately, for a product video, the audio is what’s most important. If your visuals detract from the message, you need to rethink them.

Make the music complement the video. The right song can make an otherwise average ad outstanding.

If there’s a place for humour, definitely inject some in there. Branding isn’t just about the product; it’s about your tone and values. This should run through the video.

Keep it professional

professional looking man sat at desk looking at laptop with plant next to him

Poorly produced videos make it look like you don’t take your company seriously. If there’s a voiceover, make sure the quality’s high. Any editing should be smooth and polished, and the camera work shouldn’t look like a scene from The Blair Witch Project.

If in doubt, hire a pro. They’ve got the equipment and know what they’re doing. Remember – with the right video, the return on your investment could be huge. Your video needs to stand out from your competitors to get conversions, and a small money injection definitely can’t hurt.

We hope you enjoyed our article on how to make your product launch video stand out – remember, not every business is the same, so do your research and find out what will work well for you!

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