Shift is a browser built for how you actually use the internet

In today’s digital age, our professional and personal lives are overwhelmingly online and increasingly complex. You jump between multiple apps, tabs, accounts, and inboxes daily. 

Creatives, freelancers, and business owners, especially, are constantly context-switching to get through your day. With the myriad of online tools designed to manage our tasks, the sheer number of apps, tabs, accounts, and inboxes we juggle daily is dizzying. This juggling act hampers productivity and leads to missed deadlines and a cluttered digital space.

It can be daunting (and sometimes impossible) to stay organized and efficient online, even while doing something you enjoy. That’s where Shift comes in: a browser designed to streamline your digital life. Shift is a power browser that intelligently integrates all your apps and email accounts into one cohesive online experience. 

Imagine no longer having to hop between countless windows or deal with the stress of chaotic tabs while losing the one you actually need—that’s a quick way to lose your creative inspiration. 

Shift consolidates everything you do online into a naturally organized home base. By using Shift, you can eliminate the digital distractions that add unnecessary stress and urgency to your day and easily map out your online life. Say goodbye to the chaos of context-switching forever. 

Integrate and organize multiple apps, accounts, and more using Shift browser

With multiple projects on the go, you need dozens of tabs to be open simultaneously—each representing a different client, project, or tool. Not to mention, you have to manage the chaos that comes with having multiple email accounts on different platforms and a separate calendar for each one. 

You’re continually logging in and out to switch accounts or opening yet another window to try to focus on the task at hand. This is cognitive overload, slowing you down (and your computer) and making it difficult to find the information you need, especially if you need it fast. Did you know that, on average, people spend four hours a week hopping between the many aspects of their online lives? Yeah, it’s quite shocking.

Our digital lifestyles demand a browser that can seamlessly handle multiple apps, tabs, accounts, and inboxes. So, how do you organize all the elements of your digital life into an efficient flow that works for you? We’d like to introduce you to a browser that can do it all. 

Shift merges all your apps, inboxes, and accounts into one centralized window, where they’re all intuitively in reach, side-by-side, but separate. It’s the first browser to integrate your web apps, so you don’t need to keep switching between apps, lose track of your tasks, or endlessly log in and out.  

Choose from over 1,500+ apps and connect them to dedicated workspaces for a single, intuitive view, that streamlines everything you do online. 

You can use Shift to make your digital life highly efficient. Whether you’re a graphic designer working on multiple projects, a web developer handling various client requests, or a digital marketer juggling numerous campaigns, Shift will transform your browsing experience and enhance your productivity. 

Even beyond work, Shift comes in handy for your personal life. Eliminate the jumping around between apps, accounts, and separate windows. Instead, find all your social media profiles, banking and finance essentials, and streaming favorites tucked away and organized in one digital space. The versatility is endless.

It’s a flexible, multi-functional tool that adapts to your browsing habits, making your online experience more convenient, efficient, and organized. 

Shift is built for how you actually use the internet

Say goodbye to tab overload. Shift can keep up with your online routine—it helps you keep different kinds of tabs separate, manage multiple app profiles, and take away unnecessary clutter when you need to focus.

Shift allows you to manage all your web apps, tools, and extensions in one place. This means you can quickly switch between work, life, and play without getting lost in a sea of tabs. Plus, Shift’s unique Epic Search functionality makes it easy to find what you need when you need it.

  • Merge all your web apps into one window, choose from over 1,500 integrated apps
  • Manage multiple email accounts across Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365 in one place
  • Create browser workspaces that keep different kinds of browsing, tabs, apps, and inboxes separate
  • Stay logged into multiple accounts of the same kind (Instagram, Facebook) and switch between them easily
  • Mute notifications during meetings and show/hide unread badges for apps, accounts, or entire workspace
  • Apply extensions across any app in Shift (so Grammarly works in Instagram or Slack etc.)


Shift allows you to create separate workspaces in your browser. Connect a different email account to each workspace, including Gmail, Outlook, or Office 365, then customize a workspace by integrating your most-used apps and extensions for that project, client, or part of your life.

You can now switch between inboxes, apps, and separate accounts simply by changing workspaces, which are anchored in the left sidebar. When you need to switch tasks or want a clean slate, all you need to do is switch to a different workspace.

Everything you need will always be waiting for you, each workspace perfectly curated to how you like to simply use the internet. 

Integrated apps

A standout feature of the Shift browser is its ability to integrate apps, allowing you to manage web applications directly within the browser. Customize each workspace with its own distinct set of integrated apps. 

Between multiple workspaces, you can stay logged into several different accounts in the same app. This is particularly useful for managing multiple accounts, such as different Instagram profiles, without constantly logging in and out. 

Email management

Shift makes managing multiple email accounts a breeze. Whether you use Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, or any other email service, Shift integrates them all into one platform. This means you can easily switch between accounts, view all your messages in one place, and ensure you never miss an important email again, regardless of how it’s coming at you.

Epic search 

Picture this: one search bar that can search anything across all your inboxes, apps, and drives. If you have a document you’re looking for but can’t remember if it was emailed to you or somewhere in a drive—or even what account or workspace it was under (it happens to the best of us)—you can type a keyword into the epic search bar. Shift will pull every email, calendar event, and document from across any workspace related to your search. It’s that simple.

Shift’s epic search can find anything, connecting all your drives, inboxes, and search history to find what you need. Voila! You’re saved! Specifically, your time is saved. 

Centralized notifications

One of the most distracting aspects of working online is the constant notifications. Shift consolidates all your notifications in one place, not spread out over multiple windows or apps.

Shift also allows you to customize which alerts you receive and when. Fine-tune your notifications, choosing to show/hide unread badges for each workspace or initiating quiet hours when you need uninterrupted time. This means you can stay focused on your work without unnecessary distractions. 

Unified calendar

Keeping track of deadlines, meetings, and events is crucial, but what happens when you have four different calendars? How much time do you spend coordinating your schedule…with your own schedule? Shift can merge all your calendars together, allowing you to get a bird’s eye view of all your events in one place. 

Shift your focus into high gear

Managing online activities can be a significant challenge whether you are a creative freelancer, business owner, student, or beyond. Shift offers a powerful solution to streamline your digital life, enhance your productivity, and simplify how you work and play online. By integrating all your essential tools and apps into one platform, Shift helps you stay organized, focused, and on top of your game.

Experience the benefits of a browser that makes it easy to be online and take your productivity to new heights with Shift. Say goodbye to tab overload, email chaos, and notification distractions—and say hello to a more efficient and organized digital life. Whether you’re a seasoned freelancer or just starting out, Shift is the ultimate browser to help you succeed in the digital world. 

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Shift is the first browser to merge all your web apps and accounts into one powerful window. Streamline everything you do online and get ultra-fast access to all the tools you use to stream, shop, work, browse, and stay connected. Shift brings it all together.