38% of businesses worry about freelance quality: We’re challenging that

Concerned about hiring top-quality freelancers? You’re not the only one. Freelancing is on the rise, with a recent study showing that 84% of hiring managers wouldn’t be able to complete projects if they couldn’t find a freelancer.

At the same time, who they’re hiring remains a concern. Accountability is the chief worry, with 38% of managers mentioning this as a potential problem. You want someone who’ll deliver what they said when they said they’d do it.

But how can you ensure that you find high-quality freelancers and don’t end up with your latest project in smoking ruins?

Okay, perhaps a slight exaggeration – but ultimately you do want to find the right person. In this article, we’ll explain how Twine can help you find the best quality creatives for your project.

How Twine’s features help you hire quality freelancers

1. Professional Portfolio

Gone are the days when creatives had to drag their massive folder of work to your office and end up accidentally leaving some weird abstract painting on your desk for months.

Thanks to the internet, we’ve got a much better solution for that particular quandary.

Twine allows creatives to showcase their work online in a professional portfolio. What’s more, it’s not limited by media type. So if you’re sick to death of having to jump between Instagram, Soundcloud, Wix, and God knows what else to try and figure out what creative has done, fear no more.

Creatives can upload all audio-visual content, meaning that you get a comprehensive view of their past work. If they’re an animator and an illustrator, you won’t have to visit different platforms to see the full range of their work. How convenient’s that?!

Our awesome credits system makes this even easier. Creatives can be credited on projects they’ve been part of, and these will also show up on their portfolio with the right role listed. It really couldn’t be simpler.

We also offer an extra-large about page, so no detail needs to be left out. See everything you need to know about a creative from their skills to what content they make to how many followers they have and even read their testimonials.

We’ve even got their Uber rating listed, so you know you’re not hiring someone who slams taxi doors (okay, so we haven’t gone that far). In all seriousness, a Twine portfolio is your one-stop solution for all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision.

Introducing the new and improved Twine portfolio! - Twine Blog

2. Curated pitches

Perhaps you’ve tried other freelance marketplaces and found they’re not for you.

We get that – you can be utterly bombarded with unsuitable pitches that put you off ever checking your email again. But we’ve decided to take a different approach. Our focus is on quality. It’s our mission to make sure you find the right quality freelancers, at the right price for you, and without the inconvenience of having to deal with an onslaught of pitches.

We maintain our high standards by manually vetting every pitch that comes through Twine before they’re sent to you. Any pitch you receive will already have passed our quality tests. This means you won’t be looking at empty portfolios or having to decline pitches with no information in them.

Instead, you’ll receive pitches that have been carefully curated for you. It saves you an extra job and makes the whole process smoother. As our CEO Stuart has said before, “We want to position ourselves as the platform for quality. There are a lot of platforms where it’s about getting shit done cheaply, whilst we want to get shit done right.”

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3. Ratings

You know what we said earlier about Uber…? Well, we don’t have that rating, but we do let you see a creative’s Twine rating. This probably doesn’t need much explaining if you’ve ever seen a 5-star rating system before. When a project is completed, both buyer and creative will be asked to rate each other out of 5. 

So, you can view a creative’s rating from past jobs to make sure they don’t just talk a good game, but can really deliver. With Twine ratings, you know who the quality freelancers are.

Image of creative's rating on Twine. A high rating lets you see who the quality freelancers are.
You can see a creative’s rating by viewing their portfolio.

4. Testimonials

On top of our ratings, you can get a more in-depth idea of what a freelancer is like by reading their testimonials. These are reviews left by past clients, and they don’t necessarily have to be about work done on Twine – creatives can contact any past client to ask them to write a testimonial. This means that quality freelancers won’t be overlooked because they haven’t completed any work on Twine yet. Again, this lets you have a very broad overview of the sort of work a creative’s done before.

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