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Delilah Gomez
Miami, United States

Hello! I'm an aspiring 2D animator and illustrator. I've been currently working as a freelancer for almost 2 years now. I hope to break into the industry and continue my pursuit of knowledge and to hone my skills as an artist. I'm very much into e

Delilah Gomez
Miami, United States

Hello! I'm an aspiring 2D animator and illustrator. I've been currently working as a freelancer for almost 2 years now. I hope to break into the industry and continue my pursuit of knowledge and to hone my skills as an artist. I'm very much into e

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$120 per day (USD)
Hello! I'm an aspiring 2D animator and illustrator. I've been currently working as a freelancer for almost 2 years now. I hope to break into the industry and continue my pursuit of knowledge and to hone my skills as an artist. I'm very much into epic fantasy worlds and characters with very elaborate and heartfelt stories. I can adapt my style to any project necessary. From cartoon-y to semi-realistic. Storytelling is something I believe to be the most important, and I try to tell that through character's clothing and props with all commission work if I'm not provided that already. Something I would really like to do is make comics or animated shorts.
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$250 per day (USD)
Hello, my name is Racquel and Animation Bee Studios is where all my creative juice flows! Here's some history about me- I am a huge fan of administration and library activities and spent a few years in both industries, but roughly 5 years ago a serendipitous event inspired me to get into the technology, multimedia and animation field, and I love it! There is nothing greater than creating fun cartoon productions for clients who want to engage their audiences, and it's a fantastic field that I feel lucky to be an expert in. When I'm not on the job, I am still a super nerd researching technologies and the latest conferences I can travel to meet and network with others. I love my home and enjoy spending time with my beautiful daughter. I am very much a family-oriented individual who loves to try exotic dishes, watch cartoons (and critique the principles and strategies used!), and travel whenever I'm awarded the opportunity. I love learning new things, so even though I have achieved my Master's in Information Systems and Technology at the University of Liverpool, I still crave to learn more. Please feel free to say hello and share your story with me. I am thrilled, and truly blessed to be a part of the Twine family!
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$600 per day (USD)
Hi, I'm an Art Director / Motion Designer originally from Caracas, Venezuela where I graduated as a Visual Communicator from PRODiseño School of Visual Communication. I've had the opportunity to work in a wide array of projects from things like designing logos, ads and graphics for promos to bigger and more complex projects like directing brand campaigns and shoots mostly for TV shows.
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$360 per day (USD)
Hello! I am a CG Generalist. I have had various roles from graphic design to 3D animation. My titles have included: Art Director, Graphic Designer, Aniamtor, 3D modeling, Lead rigger, Character Effects Artist, CG Generalist, Compositor, Pipeline TD, Render Manafer, Lighter, and much more. --- Employment Art Director - Crugo - Miami, FL In charge of various projects ranging form social media, web design, and animation Character Effects Artist on Scoob! - Reel FX - Montreal, QC Hair and cloth simulation on primary and secondary characters CG Technical Generalist on 2 Elf on the Shelf films and 1 commercial- Primal Screen - Atlanta, GA My roles included lead rigger, lighter, render manager, pipeline TD, xgen rigger, prop modeling, animator. --- Education: Masters of Fine Arts in Visual Effects at Savannah College of Art and Design Bachelors of Fine Arts in Animation with a concentration in Character Technical Direction at Savannah College of Art and Design
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$250 per day (USD)
Hello! My name is Juan, Founder of Xtalent Agency located in Colombia . We want to do the multi media work of your company in order to increase your margins and help you convert more leads to sales! Our Unique Value Proposition are the following: Reliable project management ensuring quality and punctual delivery Weekly check in calls to maintain tranquility Creative supervisor providing continual quality checks on project Project Managers with cultural and work ethic similarities Creative direction (if needed, at an additional cost) What do we do? 👉🏾 VIDEO EXPLAINERS 👉🏾 3D & 2D ANIMATIONS 👉🏾 3D MODELING & TEXTURING 👉🏾 RIGGING 👉🏾 UX UI DESIGN 👉🏾 GRAPHIC DESIGN In the link below, you will find a presentation of our work! I would love to have a video meeting with you, in order to start working together and be able to reduce the costs of your company! _Website not available. Sign in:
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$250 per day (USD)
Hello, I'm a CG Artist based in Miami, FL _Website not available. Sign in: Employment and project experience 2016- 2018 - Freelance 3D Artist - experience working on projects for Nick Jr, Netflix, Adult Swim, SXSW, III Points 2017 - 3D Character Artist - Sinful Monarchy Qualifications and education BFA in VFX and Motion Graphics - Miami International University Certificate in 3D Animation - Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Diploma in Advanced 3D Modeling - CG Spectrum
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$400 per day (USD)
Creative agency out of Miami, producing digital content and creating original IPs and animated cartoons.
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$250 per day (USD)
K.O.M is an haitian gospel band which was created by Fr. Witvil Florvil(Maestro t-wood) on June 11 2005 at Emmanuel Haitian Baptist Church run by pastor Winer Maxi 7321 NE 2 AVE Miami FL 33138. we play for concerts, church revivals, gospel festivals ect. contact us at_Phone details not available. Sign in: details not available. Sign in:,_Phone details not available. Sign in: or _Email not available. Sign in: go look for what we did on youtube/kompourjesus or facebook/kompourjesus thank you.
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How To Hire an Animator in Miami, US

To get started, choose what kind of animation you need for your project.

For example:

  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • Stop motion animation
  • Custom cartoon animation
  • Motion graphics

Once you’ve chosen your style, it’s time to move on to the shortlisting process:

How To Shortlist An Animator

Shortlisting an animator can seem like a time-consuming task.

We’ve made it easy for you.

Here’s a quick overview of how to find an animator on Twine:

  1. Post up a job
  2. Wait for animation specialists to pitch to you
  3. Review your pitches and choose a candidate
  4. Agree your terms
  5. Voila!
Tips For Writing Your Job Description

Here’s an interesting statistic:

75% of the pitches for jobs online are from freelancers who are not qualified to do the work


Because the description doesn't clearly explain what the client wants, so freelancers pitch in hoping that the work might match their skill set.

On Twine, we manually vet all the pitches that a client receives to make sure you don’t have to spend hours filtering out unqualified freelancers.

But it’s still really important to make your brief stand out by being clear and concise.

Clearly-written job briefs allow animation experts to quickly scan your requirements and determine if they’re a good fit for your project before getting in touch.

When writing the animator’s job description, make sure to include the following:

  • Who you are
  • What you need (and why)
  • The size of your project
  • Your vision for the project
  • Examples of styles you like
  • Target audience
  • Budget
  • Deadline
How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Animator in Miami, US?

Animation rates vary significantly from project-to-project in Miami, US.

When negotiating a freelance animator’s hourly or day rate, you’ll be sent a quote based on the length of time the animation will take to produce.

Using the data from our network of professional freelance animators, here are the ranges you can expect for a day’s work (7-8 hours):

Animator LevelJuniorMid-LevelExpert
Day Rate$150-250$250-500$500-1000

Here are the price ranges in GBP:

Animator LevelJuniorMid-LevelExpert
Day Rate£100-£200£200-£400£400-£800

If you’d like a more thorough overview of common animation commission prices on the platform, head over to our animation marketplace to view current listings.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why hire an animator in Miami, US?

Here’s the deal:

With a market value of over 259 billion U.S. dollars, animation remains as one of the most popular and engaging mediums for connecting with an audience.

Since the industry’s inception with cartoon studios in the early 1900’s, animation is now at the core of many different sectors, including:

  • Web Design
  • Video Games
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Social Media Content
  • Film

Although what animators do day-to-day has changed a lot over the last century, the impact of what animation can do for your business has not.

Don’t believe us? Read this stat:

Each day, 100 million internet users watch an online animated video.

And not only that! One minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words.

It’s no surprise then that 76% of marketers plan to increase their use of YouTube and video marketing next year.

How can animated video benefit my business?

Here’s another statistic:

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it as text.

If you aren’t already using video as a core aspect of your marketing strategy, you should be!

But why animated video?

Here are the three main advantages of using animated video over traditional video content:

  • Stand out from your competitors

    Animation is friendly, futuristic and forward-thinking, setting you apart from the pack of talking head videos your competitors are using.

  • Keep it simple

    Animation turns complex ideas into an engaging narrative, making it easy for leads to understand how your product or service works.

  • Improve your SEO

    Google loves animated video due to its high-retention rate and evergreen nature. A high-quality animated video can significantly improve your presence on Google, making it easier for leads to find you.

What are the benefits of hiring a freelance animator?

Here are some of the biggest benefits of choosing a freelance animator in Miami, US through Twine over an animators agency:

  • Lower overhead costs

    This includes office space, company benefits, employee training and set working hours.

  • Experience

    Many professional animators will hone their craft at an animation studio before going it alone as a freelancer. This means that freelance animators are often the most experienced, efficient and professional specialists in the game.

  • Expertise

    If you’ve been wondering where to find animators that specialize in a particular niche of animation, the freelance market is for you! Freelance animators often dedicate themselves to particular animation commissions (such as explainer videos).

  • Flexibility

    Hiring an animation freelancer allows you to set your own hours and rates relative to the nature of your project. You can assign them work as and when it suits you without the hassle of a long-term contract.

What are you waiting for?

Post a job on Twine now and be matched with a wide range of high quality animators in Miami, US in a matter of hours. If you’ve got any questions then you can ask online animators and they’ll be happy to help you via the public questions feature.

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