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DJ/Audio Mixer Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Budget $208.33
Open job

DJ is needed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It’s a 18th birthday celebration for our son.
We are looking for a DJ/ audio mixer for 5 hours.
It needs to be a mix of English / Tamil / some Spanish, Hindi, Telugu songs
Please include lights and speaker as well as the premise does not allow to hook into their system.

In what capacity are you hiring?
As an individual for a personal project

Where are you in the hiring process?
I’m ready to make a paid hire

Would you like to state a preference for hiring from underrepresented group(s)?
No preference

Where did you find Twine?

Is this an independent one off job, or part of a larger project?
Single job with no follow up work

For what period of time will the freelancer be needed?
A few hours

What freelancer experience level is needed? (per hour)
Expert: $100+

Posted 2 months ago
based in Linggi, Malaysia
Last online: 2 months ago

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