Don’t put yourself in a box – try a skill swap

As creatives, we often put ourselves in boxes.

When asked what your job is, you’ll have your go-to answer “I’m a graphic designer” or “I’m a singer“, sounds straight-to-the-point, but it can also limit your talent (something you don’t want to do).

People from all walks of life will have experienced the disheartening experience of looking at a job and realizing your skills don’t quite match up to the posted description.

Whether it’s inexperience with Photoshop or not being quite up to scratch with Excel, it’s safe to say it’s a universal problem.

For creatives, it’s the same. As an illustrator, you might have an amazing concept in mind for a given brief…but it asks for digital artwork, whilst you normally work using more traditional techniques.

But by teaming up with a digital illustrator or graphic designer, you can circumvent this problem.

An all too familiar sight

Teaming up with someone else also lets you learn from them. That skill you lack might be one you can boast about next time.

Identifying gaps in your knowledge and meeting up with another creative who is a pro in that area is an amazing learning opportunity. A skill swap can last far past a moment of collaboration and can leave you with life-long skills.

Next time that potential client asks you about that particular knack, it won’t be a problem at all.

Pokemon trades: a handy metaphor

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Becca is the Marketing Executive at Twine. She loves literature, music, film and make-up. She spends a lot of time complaining about the mismatched angles of her winged eyeliner and stalking drag queens on Instagram. Otherwise, she’s helping Joe by writing blog posts and keeping Twine’s social media running.