The Best Road Sign Detection Datasets of 2022

Road sign detection is a highly sought-after topic for training machine learning models. That said, it’s not always easy to find road sign detection datasets to train your models. 

That’s why we’ve done the tricky bit for you. We’ve searched high and low here at Twine to find the best road sign detection datasets.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in.

Here are our top picks for Road sign  Detection Datasets:

Traffic Sign Detection Dataset

This dataset contains 877 images of 4 distinct classes for road sign detection. Bounding box annotations are provided in the PASCAL VOC format. The classes are Traffic Light, Stop, Speed limit, and Crosswalk. Exclusively in the English language, it contains PNG files.

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Chinese Traffic Sign Dataset

This dataset includes 6164 traffic sign images containing 58 sign categories. The images are divided into two sub-database as training database and the testing database. The training database consists of 4170 images while the testing one contains 1994 images. All images are annotated with the four coordinates of the sign and the category, containing PNG files.

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Mapillary Traffic Sign Dataset

The dataset includes 52K images that are fully annotated and 48K images that are partially annotated. This is the largest and the most diverse traffic sign dataset consisting of images from all over the world with fine-grained annotations of traffic sign classes. Extensive experiments have been run to establish strong baselines for both the detection and the classification tasks. In addition, the diversity of this dataset enables effective transfer learning for existing large-scale benchmark datasets on traffic sign detection and classification. 

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DFG Traffic Sign Dataset

This dataset consists of 200 traffic sign categories captured on Slovenian roads spanning around 7000 high-resolution images. Images were provided and annotated by a Slovenian company DFG Consulting d.o.o. The RGB images were acquired with a camera mounted on a vehicle that was driven through six different Slovenian municipalities. 5254 training images and 1703 testing images.

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Swedish Traffic Sign Dataset

This dataset contains more than 20,000 images with 20% labeled. It contains data from 3488 traffic signs. Sequences from highways and cities were recorded from more than 350 km of Swedish roads. The label for each sign contains sign type (pedestrian crossing, designated lane right, no standing or parking, priority road, give way, 50 kph, or 30 kph), visibility status (occluded, blurred, or visible), and road status (whether the signs is on the road being traveled or on a side road).

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Wrapping up

To conclude, here are the top picks for the road sign detection datasets for your projects:

  1. Traffic Sign Detection Dataset
  2. Chinese Traffic Sign Dataset
  3. Mapillary Traffic Sign Dataset
  4. DFG Traffic Sign Dataset
  5. Swedish Traffic Sign Dataset

We hope that this list has helped you find a dataset for your project or, realize the myriad options available. 

Please let us know if there are any datasets you would like us to add to the list.

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