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I Ciprian
Iași, România

Graphic and WebDesigner. I am working on this area for a long time, almoust 8 years so far and i love what i am doing!

I Ciprian
Iași, România

Graphic and WebDesigner. I am working on this area for a long time, almoust 8 years so far and i love what i am doing!

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$300 per day (USD)
I think my previous client described how I work the best: _"Corneliu is the type of engineer you should hire for your team before anyone else. He is an absolute rock star to work with, as he combines both strong engineering experience with deep understanding of the product design principles. He has a deep passion for mobile products, truly knows a lot about them, and can grasp the product in a way many engineers who focus only on code cannot._ _Before we start any feature development I work with Corneliu on refining the spec as he has an acute feel for UX and design paradigms. During feature development Corneliu shows himself as a strong communicator, proactively raising issues and not letting anything slip. What makes truly great working with him is he goes a step further of not only raising issues, but proposing solutions that make the product truly better. Third aspect that makes Corneliu indispensable is his passion for growth and learning. He would go through Facebook and iOS documentation the minute anything new comes out, and is fast at learning and applying new knowledge."_ -- Ilias Beshimov, Product Manager at Timefly I've been an iOS developer for 6+ years. I'm now working at Dolfn, my mobile development agency with a bigger mission. We work on apps that enable communities make the world better. **Day rate** $300 per day **Employment and project experience** _2015_ - Started Dolfn, a responsible mobile development agency _2011_ - Worked as an iOS developer and development manager at Vuzum **Qualifications and education** Started a _BA in Computer Science_, but dropped out after I discovered the magic I could do with my craft.WWWW
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