Twine Partners with Amaze to Empower Design Community

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Hey Freelancers – say hello to Amaze!

Twine is partnering with Amaze, a no-code e-commerce platform. It enables merchants, creatives, and business owners to create immersive content with ease.

Through this collaboration, Twines’ community of experienced designers can use the Amaze platform to build beautiful pages. The result? You get to help clients boost sales and customer engagement. 

Designers across all levels of experience can join the Amaze community. Easily open up a new revenue stream by simply creating templates for the platform!

Here is what the new partnership provides:

  • An additional revenue stream. Up to $300 per template. 
  • A 90-day free trial of Amaze with a 40% discount on paid plans thereafter.
  • The opportunity to become a certified Amaze expert and earn even more money by improving your clients’ selling experiences and gaining repeat business. 

Why Amaze?

Amaze offers unparalleled designs, animations, and transitions.

These tools allow you to create immersive, high-impact selling pages for your clients. With these awesome, improved pages, you can improve their online presence and increase conversions. The platform gives you full creative freedom through unlimited customizations. Ultimately, it accelerates the design process. Publish pages in minutes – all without the need for a separate app or plugin. 

Their no-code platform allows you to easily drag and drop text, images, videos, animations, and more. Customize and create selling pages without any previous design experience!

Are you ready to thrill your clients and work smarter, not harder? Sign up for a free trial today! If you’re part of the Twine community, you have access to an extended 90-day trial (with a 40% discount on paid plans afterward). 

We’re excited to share the Amaze platform with our designers and look forward to seeing your designs!

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Amaze is an online design platform that believes customer experience is the key to growing a business. They're dedicated to providing emerging businesses with the tools to instantly create unique, compelling, and beautifully branded content.