5 Tricks For Creating Shareable Social Media Content

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It’s an endless struggle. How many memes have we – social media managers – seen about the efforts behind brainstorming social media content ideas? Not to mention the hours it takes to produce said idea, only for the post to get 3 likes and 0 shares.

Creating social media content will always be a challenge. 

When it comes to creating shareable social media content, you can’t just produce something unique. You need to make it attractive enough that users want to share it. As we know, many factors come into play when it comes to getting your content shared.

We’ll let you in on a secret–it’s not just about the algorithm

Before you can even begin to create shareable social media content, you must first have a social media strategy. Think, of an action plan, already in place.

Luckily for you, Collato has a template to help you with that. Ready to learn more?

Let’s dive in.

What is Shareable Content? 

When we talk about creating shareable content, it’s not always clear what that means. What makes one post shareable and another post not? 

Shareable content comes in the form of social media posts. Regardless if it’s a video, image, or text – the content is so interesting and/or relatable that it makes readers reshare it on their own social media accounts.

This is the same for all platforms, whether it is Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, etc. 

Why is it Important to Create Shareable Content? 

In simple words, shareable content helps to increase brand awareness and conversions. The more people who see your logo, messages, and branded content, the more people will know and trust your brand. It’s all about telling your brand story and having people listen and engage with it. 

But it’s more than just consistent messaging. Let’s break down all the benefits of creating shareable content: 

  • It increases brand engagement.
  • It helps you reach more people.
  • You become a referent of the topic you are talking about.
  • It increases traffic to your website, both organic and direct.
  • You can even increase the number of leads if you’re driving people to your product. 

In this blog, we will share with you five tricks to help you generate shareable content and receive all the benefits that come with it.

Trick #1Find Out What’s Trending

The first thing you should do in creating shareable social media content is to find out what topics are on everyone’s lips.

Creating content on relevant topics increases the chances that your stuff will be shared. Look for different angles in which these “hot topics” could be attractive to your audience and niche. 

Collato tip: Pop culture content – and yes, we are also talking about memes – are the kings of engagement. Check the news, showbiz accounts, anything that’s going on in the world, and link it to your brand.

Be warned that the idea is not to make your account look like a gossip news channel. It’s important to assess the tone of specific topics – asserting your brand presence in sensitive areas (especially political discussions) is not always welcome. Make sure you stay in your lane!

Trick #2Content is King, Engagement is Queen 

Interact with your community. This will allow you to know their doubts, interests, struggles, and joys so that you can create tailored social media content for them.

Don’t just interact with those who follow your account either! Reach out to others, and engage with similar account audiences. By doing this, you will not only get first-hand information, but you can also get interaction with your own content. You know how the algorithm works…

Trick #3Choose the Type of Content Wisely

Isn’t it easier to understand information when you see content in list format – otherwise known as listicles, or infographics?

If this works for you, it also works for your audience. Generate content types that are easy to understand and read: like a reel, a how-to YouTube video, a short tweet, etc. Sooner or later, you’ll increase the chances of your content being shared. 

Trick #4Be Original

No kidding, Sherlock!

Sometimes, we forget how important it is to be original when creating social media content. Do you know how it feels when you want to tell an exciting story to a friend, but they’ve already heard it from someone else?

Well, it’s the same feeling when you share a meme that’s already been shared 1,000,000 times before. It’s hard for your content to be shared if others have already shared something similar…

Collato tip: If you want to create content that someone else has already talked about, look for a unique approach. Find a different way of telling the story, and make the content your own. 

Trick #5Appeal to Emotions

It’s not about making your audience cry either; they have Grey’s Anatomy for tears.

It’s about generating social media content that creates a reaction. When content brings back a memory, it’s associated with a personal experience or is linked to a familiar person, which makes it almost a given that it will be shared.

This is why it’s important to know your audience as well as you know your best friend. Carefully review their interests, who they are, and what problem they are looking to solve, and then you will have a library of knowledge to create shareable content. 

Now it’s Your Turn 

Creating shareable content is no easy feat.

It’s kind of like choosing a flavor of ice cream for a party, which may be your favorite but doesn’t appeal to everyone else. You have to choose something that not only will everyone like but is new and different and gets people excited.

It’s about following a content strategy, testing content formats, telling different stories, and seeing what connects with your audience. It’s a team effort. Involve your designers, your content manager, and even someone from your product team. They can give you great inspiration for creating shareable content on social media.

If you’re looking for the perfect recipe for successful content collaboration, check out this content planning cookbook, which has 7 different recipes to help you plan your content with the entire team.

5 tricks for creating shareable social media content collato

And that’s it!

5 tips for creating social media content that gets shared. These tricks have worked for us, and that’s why we want to share them with you. We invite you to check out our blog, The Inside Scoop, for more content ideas and many other topics that might interest you. 

If you need help generating shareable content, check out Collato for unique templates that will help you and your team. Our personal favorite is our jaw-dropping social media plan template. Check it out, and let us know what you think!

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Maria Hernandez is a Social Media & Content Marketing Manager and part of the team at Collato, a collaboration platform to empower marketing teams, creators, and freelancers to better manage their creative content. She is always looking for ways to create unique content sprinkled with fun. Get in touch with her!