What Is The Best Video Editing Software: A 2022 Listicle + Quick Guide

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Whether you are a pro at video creation or a total novice, one thing is for sure: you’re going to want to find out what the best video editing software is.

With the right tools, you can transform the simplest of clips into a masterpiece – regardless of whether you are doing that for work, fun, or a bit of both.

Want to know what the best video editing software is?

Our comprehensive guide has got you covered right here. Keep reading to get the lowdown on the seven best video editors around, and pick the one that best suits your needs.

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1. Beginners Will Love: Adobe Premiere Elements

We could not write a video editor list without mentioning this Adobe gem.

Perfect for those who are quite new at digital content creation, Adobe Premiere Elements combines easy-to-use, all-in-one video editing tools with access to Adobe Sensei – the brand’s AI technology.

With Adobe Sensei, you can edit and manage your videos. Simply follow the hyper-customized AI recommendations, and you can remove blurry or dark areas or spot other errors.

The only downside? This tool comes so packed with functionalities that it might actually take you a little while to get to grips with them all and make the most of it…

How Much Is It?

Annoyingly, this tool is not included in Adobe Creative Cloud, so you are going to have to purchase it separately. Prices start at $99.99, but remember to always check the website to find out about any discounts or promotions available.

2. Intermediate Users Will Love: Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

If you aren’t exactly a beginner, but not quite a pro with video editing software, this next one may be for you.

With Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, you can take your video editing skills to the next level in a relatively speedy and simple fashion.

Some of the tool’s most striking features include 360 videos, video masking, and smart object tracking. Color grading, split-screen, stop-motion, and screen recording are also great, as well as other cool tools like multicamera editing, title editing, keyframe controls, motion tracking, and video stabilization.

And while this program is great for creatives, of course, you can also play around and experiment. For example, why not use it to build an interactive and engaging video conference setup, or to create how-to videos on e-commerce topics?

How Much Is It?

Surely, with so many functionalities and opportunities for growth, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate will cost a bomb? Nope – the program is actually pretty affordable at only $129.95, which you only have to pay for once, as opposed to having to manage a monthly or yearly subscription.

3. Pros Will Love: Adobe Premiere Pro

Picture this: you are the business video conferencing guru.

You are the next Insta-sensation.

You are an award-winning documentary maker.

Does any of this sound like you? Then you have to try Adobe Premiere Pro. The gold standard of video editing software, this tool has many features and functionalities that will have you totally spoilt for choice.

With Adobe Premiere Pro, your imagination is the only limit. Try your hand at creating digital shows and vlogs, social media ads, short films, and documentaries, and you’ll see just how amazing this program is at supporting your creative endeavors.

The cherry on top? With Adobe Premiere Pro you also have access to Premiere Rush. This is a mobile app that helps you shoot and edit videos straight from your smartphone and publish them to your social channels in a jiffy.

The bottom line? Every enterprise digital transformation guide should include this Adobe gem as part of its must-have tools for digital growth.

How Much Is It?

Pricing for Adobe Premiere Pro starts at $20.99 a month (if you commit to an annual plan), or $31.49 a month (for monthly-only subscriptions). Alternatively, why not get Premiere Pro as part of Creative Cloud? Packages start at $52.99 a month.

4. Corel Users Will Love: Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Are you a graphic designer and long-time Corel user? You’ll be happy to hear that the brand has a fantastic video editing tool: Corel VideoStudio Ultimate.

Intuitive, interactive, and intelligent, this program goes beyond pure and simple video editing, it also helps you boost the performance of your videos, too. One of its best features is its neat, user-friendly interface, which makes it ideal for anyone – from the seasoned filmmaker to the HR guy wanting to create video ads for internal recruitment.

How Much Is It?

With Corel VideoStudio Ultimate, you don’t need to commit to a monthly or yearly subscription: you pay just once, and the program is yours forever. Pricing currently starts at $59.99, but keep checking their website as the team is always launching new sales and discounts.

5.   Bootstrapped Users Will Love: Wondershare Filmora

Let’s say you are starting from scratch with video creation, and are also a bit low on budget. Perhaps you have just moved into the world of freelance work, and are understandably trying to curb all the costs associated with managing your own business.

Does this mean you should abandon the appealing idea of shooting awesome video content? Not at all – especially with a tool like Wondershare Filmora.

This is particularly good if you plan to film lots of online and social media video content, as its features are geared towards boosting the look and feel of that type of media. You can browse through its extensive library of videos and sound effects, and move straight to social media uploading at the touch of a button.

How Much Is It?

Wondershare Filmora is available as a free version, but your videos will include a watermark. Yearly access to the platform, however, is very reasonable too, as it’s around $51.99.

6.   Teams Will Love: Clipchamp

Are you managing a team, or working as part of a team – perhaps even in different time zones? If that’s the case – Clipchamp might be right up your street. Thanks to its awesome collaboration features, this tool allows teams to work together on the same video project in a super-easy, efficient, and optimized way. 

This tool is also ideal for those team members who often struggle to come up with creative ideas for video content. Thanks to its in-built, fully customizable video templates, anyone can find the perfect idea or inspiration for their next video project.

How Much Is It?

You can use Clipchamp for free, but, it will only support 480p exports.

Alternatively, you can pick their cheapest plan – $9 a month for 720 exports – or $19 a month for total HD exports. Business users might want to consider getting the Business Platinum version, which is the most advanced and costs $39 a month.

7. Mac Users Will Love: Final Cut Pro X

Last but not least, one great tip for our Mac users: Final Cut Pro X. This video editing tool was created by Apple, which means you can only access it with a Mac computer, and it offers a huge range of professional-quality features for editing, audio, and motion graphics.

Other functionalities that are worth mentioning include filters, audio effects, proxy creation, and accelerated performance.

How Much Is It?

The good news is that Final Cut Pro X is available as a one-off purchase, which means you don’t need to keep paying for monthly or yearly subscriptions. The bad news? Even with the one-time payment, this tool is pretty pricey.

At $299, this is probably one of the most expensive video editing programs currently on the market. However, if you own a Mac or love Apple, and are looking for a professional and intuitive solution, packed with amazing functionalities, then it’s an investment worth considering.

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The Takeaway

Selecting the right video editing software for your specific goals and requirements doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or intimidating. There are a plethora of options currently available, you just have to find them.

With our comprehensive guide, you can pick and choose the video editing software that will work best for you. Whether you are a novice, a pro, or create videos as part of a team, your options are endless.

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