Graphic Design is My Passion: 18 Memes Every Designer Gets

Ah, the “Graphic Design is My Passion” meme, the one we all love and recognize. 

When was the first time you saw this meme? You probably can’t remember. Perhaps it was a “meme of the day” post or something your Gran tagged you in on Facebook. 

Hilarious memes are like that. They infiltrate our Twitter feeds, our group chats, our lives

The funniest memes are the ones that stand the test of time: the ones that we see months or years after their first posting, and still, leave us on the floor laughing.

You may have fallen in love with the “Graphic Design is My Passion” meme, but we’re here to show you even more. Without further ado, here’s our list of 18 design-themed memes (and yes, these memes are actually funny). 

1. Agreed

Sometimes, things just don’t look right. They’re missing that special something, but you aren’t sure what.

When you figure it out, it’s a true game-changer. Take, for instance, this ever-so-elegant cornering that every designer can appreciate. Wow.

meme 1 reads: winnie the pooh looking at a square, second winnie the pooh looking at a rounded square whilst smiling in a suit


2. Don’t do this

Oh, the classic mistake.

Do you think you can just resize your design, with no questions asked? Think again. Those proportions must be constrained, or you risk looking like a bad designer with no respect for proportions.

meme 2 reads: "im going to resize the image" "constraining proportions, right?" "..." "constraining proportions... right?"


3. Go away

This is one of the most tedious, all-consuming infections you can possibly get as a freelancer. An easy way to battle this terrifying disease is by setting clear guidelines in your project brief, with consistent opportunities for client feedback.

Go without, and you risk facing the wrath of clienteritis. Oh, the horror!

meme 3 reads: clienteritis - when a client offers a designer unhelpful advice on how to make something 'pop'


4. Feedback from your client

Speaking of feedback – don’t you just love it when your client speaks in a language only they understand? You’ve just sent off what you thought was a final design, before shortly receiving this message in your inbox.

What does it mean?

Deciphering cryptic client feedback often feels like unraveling the mysteries of the universe…

meme image 4 reads "fade the 01 to make it opaque" paired with a confused face from freelancer


5. Thanks

Ah, design software. You love to hate them.

Sometimes, it feels like they’re the only other beings on earth that understand the chaos of our designer mind. Other times… we try our best not to launch our hardware at a wall.

When it comes to fonts, Adobe programs can be pretty ruthless. So, before you set your heart on a perfect font, make sure your partner-in-crime, Adobe, approves.


6. Ugh

Arial is one of those default fonts – no matter the writing platform, you’re going to find it anywhere. It’s reliable.

Helvetica Neue, on the other hand, is like Arial’s slightly taller, more charming, friend. Once you’ve used Helvetica Neue on a hand full of projects, going back to trusty Arial, unfortunately, doesn’t feel the same.

meme 6 shows what helvetica neue and arial looks like. underneath it shows arial appearing messy and uneven, stating "this is what arial feels like after using helvetica neue"


7. Oh, they matter 

Dear freelancer, please can you design a love note for my darling? You have total creative freedom!

Sounds like a dream project, right? Total creative freedom? Well, as you can see below, choosing the right font can make a world of difference.

Here’s one way to make your client’s sweetheart’s stomach turn – and not in a good way.

meme 7 reads: fonts matter. 2 notes, both read


8. Worst nightmare

Working in a creative team is often great. You’re able to bounce 101 ideas off of each other and rely on others when you fall into a creative slump.

However, when stress gets high, you’re suddenly not alone. All of you are in this together, and tensions are running high. Who’s responsibility was it to inform the client? Exactly what shade of green did we need for the webpage?

What do you mean you sent the logo in a Word Doc!?

Sometimes, the only person you can depend on is yourself.

meme 8 reads: "did you send me that high res logo?" "yes. its in the word doc." freelancers face reacts in horror


9. “You have total creative freedom!”

When your client utters those wonderful words, “creative freedom” it feels like a blessed day.

That is until you realize that isn’t what they meant, and they’ve called you 5 times in the last 3 hours because they “aren’t happy with that shade of blue“.

This is a public announcement for clients everywhere: please, let your designers work.

meme 9 visualises a designer drawing with a pencil, and a clients hand holding on top


10. Wait

Maybe you completely forgot the wrath of Photoshop.

Maybe, you just felt lucky, and decided was a gambling day.

Whatever it was, when you’re met with the spinning wheel of terror, you know it’s time to pray and pray hard.

If the gods of Photoshop decide to spare you, you may walk away with a completely untouched, saved design. Phew. But, if not…

11. I’m out

Deadlines are all well and good – but they should be given well in advance, with plenty of notice. Giving deadlines like “this time tomorrow?” is a bad move.

Here, 2 things can happen: your freelance designer either delivers a product that is rushed (and not to mention, they’re pretty angry), OR, they walk.

The takeaway? Don’t. Give. Surprise. Deadlines.

12. Uh…

This is for you freelancers out there who have referred to yourselves as “a multi-disciplinary, super successful design agency“.

When it comes to the initial client meeting, you may need to explain how the agency = you, and you alone.

meme 12 reads: "client: it would be great to meet the team" "every freelancer: alone, feels tense"


13. Spooky

This is one of those memes that catch you out. You read it, and then look suspiciously at your webcam as if a sneaky designer is behind the screen, laughing at you.

They got you, didn’t they?

meme 13 is a visual of how different copy with various sizes and contrasts catch the viewers eye.


14. Signage is important

It’s okay, take a minute.

It’s a mind-bender isn’t it?

No Everything Im Is Possible” – what a heart-warming message.

Now, we aren’t sure what the designers’ intentions with this sign were, but they’ve certainly grabbed attention. Not everything is as easily understandable as the “Graphic Design is My Passion” meme.

meme 14 displays a indecipherable sign. the reaction is a freelancer running away from the sign saying "what is this meant to say"


15. How could you

As a freelancer, your time is often spent multi-tasking a million and one things. Because of this, personal projects can often go disregarded – like your portfolio, for example.

When was the last time you worked on that? Be honest, it was longer ago than you care to admit…

meme 15 sees two characters stood next to a dog. the first character asks "does he bite?", second character says, "no, but he can hurt in other ways", the dog says, "you will never finish your portfolio", the first character is upset.


16. I’ve got nothing left

We’ve all encountered that dreaded moment: you introduce the price of your services the conversation, and suddenly, your clients react in complete confusion.

You’d be surprised how many clients believe that freelance experts do the work for free. Your talent, your hard-earned skills, your dependable and well-grounded nature – all for free, please.

Stick to your guns, young freelancer. The client must learn the hard way.

17. Poor planning

Again, this is one of those nightmare scenarios. You think the project is going swimmingly – you like the brief, the client seems great, and you have all the skills needed to smash this project.

Right? Wrong. When a client doesn’t know the meaning behind a high-quality image, you know you’re in for a long one.

18. My heart will go on

And finally – our old friend, Photoshop. It made the fateful decision, which was to end your design progress.

You forgot to save.

Your life flashes before your eyes.

You scramble for a piece of paper, the note app, anything that can help you jot down what you were last working on.

Bad things happen to good people. Want our advice? SAVE!!!



We hope you were thoroughly entertained by these top-class design memes. “Graphic Design is My Passion” may be the OG design meme, but there are plenty of hidden gems yet to be laughed at.

Feel free to bookmark this article – when the going gets tough, there’s always a graphic design meme that can lift your spirits.

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