Paint & Decorating Company Logo Examples: Logo Design Challenge Week 13

Each week, Twine helps out our fellow Creative Freelancers by sending over a new and exciting design prompt – created in order to help overcome that annoying artist block and get those creative juices flowing! This week, our designers created paint & decorating company logo ideas…

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Week 13 was a blast, with our Freelancers being given the following brief:

Design a logo for a decorating company that incorporates a bucket of paint, a paint brush/roller and a ladder.

Company Names: Splat, Paint & Co, Precision Paintworks, Step-up Decorators

We weren’t let down – our talented and inspiring community of Freelancers managed to create some incredible designs! Following, are a list of our absolute favorite painting & decorating company logo ideas – be warned, you’re about to see some serious talent!

Our Favorite Logo’s from Week 13:

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