Designers – Futureproof Your Skillset

The worldwide shift to digital, accelerated by the pandemic, has further fuelled the demand for creative skills, especially within digital and motion design.

The good news? Many employers and clients, even the likes of Google, Wholefoods and Apple are looking past formal, expensive and time-consuming qualifications when recruiting new talent (Glassdoor, 2020). 

They now realise the talent they missed out on while recruiting from only those formally qualified.  Academic qualifications are still of course being considered but are no longer a requirement to progress through the process. 

Moving to Motion

The need to create movie trailers, music videos, explainer videos, social media campaigns… within short time-frames, remotely and in higher volumes, is putting a huge demand on skilled motion designers.

Businesses, and especially marketers, are recognising the efficacy of using motion designers to develop their brand story online. Talking to Adam Jenns, Founder of Mainframe and Industry Board member at Created, “The principle reason that we are keen to be involved in Created is because we see a pretty big gap in the market.”

Average day rates for motion designers are $450 in comparison to graphic and illustration at $300. Also, on Twine, we have seen a 550% uptick in motion design jobs posted in 2021 compared to 2020.

Meet some designers who have recently upskilled to Motion design. Learn how their careers have changed since adding motion design to their repertoire. 

The Uplift in UX & UI

The Onward Search Survey 2020, which collects data from across the marketing and creatives industries, found that UX Design was the 2nd most in-demand skill, closely followed by UI in 4th. 

Further supporting this, had witnessed a 289% increase in UX specific jobs advertised in 2020. 

This all makes sense if you think about it. The world is moving digital, so businesses in all sectors will increasingly market and sell their products and services on apps and websites. All of which need UI and UX designers to design them! 

As an accomplished UI and UX designer, the earning potential is also strong. In the US, average day rates for UI and UX designers have increased over the last 12 months from $350 to $415, in Europe from $300 to $375 and in Asia from $250 to $310.

Interestingly, the main earnings increases have come from freelancers who have extended their skill sets (e.g. adding UX services to their UI projects or vice versa). Average project sizes have also increased from £1,500 to £2,200, again, driven by freelancers expanding service offerings for clients. 

How to become a Motion, UI or UX Designer

Now you know why you should learn these skills. The next step is how. 

On the job is one option of course. Youtube tutorials, unsupported online courses, University graduate and postgraduate courses are all viable and sensible options. 

However, when you ask yourself the questions: How relevant really are these options to the current and future market? How could they fit around your current commitments? And also will you be developing the set of skills actually needed to make it in the industry?!

At Twine, we gave ourselves the same question and came across the guys at Created. They run supported online courses in various disciplines of design including Motion, UX and UI and have developed their courses in partnership with the industries best. 

After interviewing dozens of design agencies and studios, they’ve identified what the industry really needs is a new hire. Some, such as Framestore (Marvel, Tom & Jerry), Nomad Studio (Premier League, Disney, Sky Sports) and Koto (Airbnb, Skyscanner) are also involved in the course delivery and provide briefs and mentoring for students.  

As a graduate of their courses, you’ll be put forward for new roles in the industry, get invites to networking events, and have access to further learning opportunities. The courses will also make your recruitment proposals and resumes look a lot more professional.

To find out more and benefit from a £500 discount only available for Twine members, head over to their website or drop them a line.


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