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Twine’s Illustration Challenge – Challenge List

Missed Week 1 of the Illustration Challenge? Well, have no fear!

Our brilliant Design Team has compiled together our Illustration Challenges & Entries, all in one neat little post for you to get some inspiration. A whole bunch of top-quality logo design ideas submitted to and worked with by our incredible community of over 410,000 freelancers – think of this as your own design encyclopedia!

So, what are you waiting for? Sharpen those pencils, squeeze out that paint, and switch on that drawing tablet – here is our Illustration Challenge List!

Note: We’ve had an update! Check out our new and improved Ultimate Design Challenge! Now packed with challenges for a variety of specialisms – we’ve taken the best bits of the Logo, UI & Illustration Challenge, and combined them to create the pinnacle of design inspiration. Sign up here!

Illustration Challenge Week 1: Supervillian Drawing Prompts

Create an illustration of a supervillain who works on a budget – evil sidekicks are welcome!

Illustration Challenge Week 2: Musical Instrument Drawing Prompts

Create an illustration of an imaginary musical instrument – and the musician who plays it!

Illustration Challenge Week 3: Animal Drawing Prompts

Create an illustration of an animal sitting at the dinner table – you get to decide the dress code!

Illustration Challenge Week 4: Celebrity Drawing Prompts

Create an illustration of your favourite celebrity taking a selfie!

Illustration Challenge Week 5: Movie Character Drawing Prompts

Create an illustration for a brand new character by combining the themes of two of your favourite films!

Illustration Challenge Week 6: AI Drawing Prompts

Create an illustration of what you think Amazon’s Alexa would look like as a real-life character!

Illustration Challenge Week 7: Superhero Drawing Prompts

Create an illustration of a superhero Zoom meeting!

If you’re looking for some more inspiration to skyrocket your brand, check out our challenge list for Twine‘s UI Design Challenge and Twine‘s Logo Design Challenge!

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