Portfolio Masterclass: How to beef up your portfolio

The most popular questions we get from our freelance community are:

  • What’s the best way to showcase my designs to clients?
  • How do I master my portfolio?
  • Where can I find tips and tricks to beef up my portfolio?

To make sure we could give you the best answers to these questions, we’ve teamed up with professional portfolio website builder Fabrik to provide two case studies of truly beautiful portfolios from two highly regarded professionals, Joanna Scott and Patrick Gibson.

Joanna Scott

Are you an experienced freelancer but your portfolio struggles to win work?

Joanna Scott, a successful career as a freelance photographer consistently winning clients with her work and style joined us for the webinar. Her stunning portfolio under the guise of Prairie Sage has helped Joanna to carve out a strong client base. Joanna gave Twine members an exclusive insight into the principles behind her portfolio and how you can use similar ideas to win more work.








1st Principle

On the webinar, Joanna highlighted that the best place to start is to ask yourself:

Why do I need a portfolio in the first place?

Whether you’re a freelance photographer, UX designer or animator, the way to win work is to make it easy for clients to see your most relevant skills, style and creativity to the work that you’re pitching for.







2nd Principle

The second step for Joanna was to find a professional and flexible portfolio building platform which made it quick and easy to update her portfolio with new projects.

Fabrik is the perfect option for this, because it has been designed from the ground up especially for creatives and has Intelligent Themes which enable you to instantly change your site’s theme as often as you like without touching your media and content.







3rd Principle

Being able to tailor your portfolio to individual clients quickly and easily whilst staying consistent to your artistic style is a real sign of having mastery over your portfolio.

Joanna’s advice is to decide a font/logo and stick to it throughout the portfolio in order to maintain your brand prominence. Fabrik makes it easy to keep consistency throughout your portfolio.







Patrick Gibson

Are you taking the leap into freelancing and want to know how to create a strong portfolio?

Partick Gibson is a highly renowned 3D motion designer who has worked with top blue chip companies through his time at an esteemed agency called engine and has taken the exciting leap of becoming a freelancer!

Patrick’s portfolio is packed full of high profile and incredible design work and he gave Twine members an exclusive access to the principles behind how he has built up his portfolio and what you can do to level up yours.








1st Principle

Keep it simple: The reality is you’ve got a couple of seconds before people make up their mind. Make sure your site is easy to digest, especially your home page.

When your portfolio is doing a lot of the talking for you when it comes to pitching to clients, the last thing you want to do is confuse them.

You only ever get a few seconds to excite a potential client and presenting too much information in a too complex way will dilute the impact of your work..

Patrick’s focus on simplicity is the key element that sets his portfolio apart and enables Fabrik’s templates to really shine.







2nd Principle

Cover images are important. Choose artwork that intrigues clients as the preview of your projects

A second important principle behind Patricks portfolio digs deeper into the idea of the first impression that your portfolio makes and surrounds the cover images.

During the masterclass, Patrick highlighted that the cover images are essentially the front door of your projects and portfolio so it’s critical that you choose the pieces that will entice, excite and intrigue your client to want to find out more.

The more you can elicit the sense of interest from the second your client views your portfolio, the higher you will be able to position yourself on the client shortlist and ultimately increase your chances of winning work.







3rd Principle

Evolve. Your work is going to get better as time goes on. So should your portfolio. Fabrik makes it really easy to keep it up to date.

Patrick’s final principle from the masterclass webinar centered around the idea of evolution.

One thing that we know about master creatives and freelancers is that more often than not they are fueled by a relentless pursuit of enrichment.

Fabrik’s versatility as a portfolio website aimed at creatives allows you to keep your portfolio easily up to date but remain focused on the evolution of your creativity.







Why don’t you get a portfolio like Joanna & Patrick’s?

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Watch the full portfolio masterclass webinar here.


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