Mastering Task Management: A Freelancer’s Guide to Productivity with Kerika

“Kerika is Designed For Freelancers” 

The freelancer’s journey is a rollercoaster of experiences. On the one hand you have the liberty to pick your projects and schedule, which is great!  But… you’re also balancing a huge bunch of tasks, meeting deadlines, and trying to stay in constant touch with clients from different corners of the world. 

For freelancers, having a good way to organize your work isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s absolutely essential to improving your productivity!

At Kerika, we have been dealing with remote teams and their challenges for over 12 years, well before working from home became common due to the pandemic. We saw firsthand how certain issues could really slow a team down.

Based on what we learned, we created Kerika. It’s designed to solve the problems that come with working from different places. For freelancers, Kerika is the best tool for managing your tasks and beating the difficulties of remote work. Let’s look at how Kerika can boost your productivity.

Kerika: A Freelancer’s Best Buddy

  1. Efficient Task and Project Management

When you are working with multiple projects with multiple clients, it’s very easy to lose track of conversations and important documents. This is why project management is the biggest challenge every freelancer faces.

Imagine having a dedicated virtual workspace for each project where every project detail is organized into task cards. Each card encompasses all the task-specific information, including instructions, conversations, and attachments

This is what Kerika offers; it compiles all crucial project details in a single location, enabling you to dive straight into your work in just one click. This focused approach to managing projects improves your productivity as a freelancer.

  1. Keep Everyone on the Same Page

When you’re a freelancer working with a team or multiple clients, keeping everyone on the same page is challenging! Especially when they are spread across different time zones. To overcome this, most freelancers opt for emails and spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets, while versatile, quickly become cluttered and confusing while managing complex projects. Similarly, emails devolve into long, confusing threads where it’s impossible to track conversations or find specific information or documents. 

This is why you need Kerika to keep everyone on the same page. Kerika lets you chat with your team and share updates on tasks on the task card itself, keeping each conversation separate, distinct, and tightly focused. This way, everyone on your team knows exactly what’s happening with projects and what they need to work on. It helps keep everyone in sync and informed about any new changes.

  1. Easy Management of Large Projects

Tackling large projects often feels overwhelming. Kerika simplifies and streamlines the management of even complex projects, and this will boost profitability for both you and your client as you get more done, faster.

Its dashboard offers a clear view of updates and modifications at a glance, facilitating effective asynchronous collaboration; an important feature for teams operating across various time zones.

No matter how many things are going on, the Dashboard shows at a glance:

  • What’s new & updated across all your project boards. So you don’t miss a thing.
  • What’s assigned to you, so you don’t forget any task.
  • What needs attention, so nothing slips between the cracks.
  • What’s due, so you never miss a deadline.
  • What got completed, so you can be sure to celebrate!

Kerika is the freelancer’s best buddy, making task management feel less like a chore and more like a superpower. Let’s go into more detail about how Ketika can revolutionize your workflow and keep your freelance life in check.

The Core Features of Kerika

Managing work effectively is essential for not only meeting your deadlines, but also exceeding your clients expectations. Kerika is your ultimate workflow companion, designed to transform the way you manage projects, deadlines, and collaborations. Let’s dive into how Ketika helps you with your freelancing journey.

Visual Task Boards

From the moment you start your day, Kerika helps you make sure you’re on track to make the most of it. When you open Kerika’s dashboard, you can see right away which project board needs your attention, when the board was updated last time, what that board is about, and who’s working on it.

Easy Collaboration

Once you have created the board in Kerika, you can create task cards for each work item you have. Assigning these cards to team members is equally seamless, turning collaboration from a potential headache into a smooth, streamlined process.

With task status indicators and due dates visibly integrated into each card, keeping everyone on the same page becomes the norm, not the exception. This transparency ensures that deadlines are met, priorities are clear, and the workflow is as smooth as silk.

Chat: the smarter alternative to Email

Asynchronous communication is a secret weapon for freelancers working with people all over the map. It means you don’t have to be online at the same time to keep projects moving forward. 

Kerika lets you tackle tasks when you are most focused and energetic, even if that’s at different times from your team or clients. Messages, updates, and feedback are all waiting when you’re ready to dive in, making sure nothing gets stuck just because someone’s asleep on the other side of the world. 

It’s all about ensuring that the deadlines are met and everyone stays in the loop, without the stress of syncing up schedules. Kerika not only keeps your work flowing but also helps maintain a happy balance between work and life, making everything run as smoothly as chatting with a friend.

Document Management and Integration

As a freelancer, keeping all your work documents in one spot makes life a lot easier. Instead of having files scattered across different apps or getting lost in a sea of browser tabs, everything you need is right there with your task cards. This means you spend less time hunting for files and more time getting work done.

One of the coolest things about this Kerika is how it works with Google Workspace. You can start a document, share it, and make changes without ever leaving your task list. For freelancers juggling projects for clients far and wide, this is a game-changer. No more bouncing between programs or wondering if you’re working on the outdated version of a file.

What Kerika can do for your Work-Life Balance

Improve Productivity, Immediately

For freelancers, diving straight into productivity is a big deal. Imagine starting your day with every bit of info you need, neatly packed where your tasks are. No digging through emails or files, everything’s ready, so you can hit the ground running. This isn’t just about saving time; it’s about keeping your workflow smooth and your mind clear, so you can do your best work right from the start.

Increase Client Satisfaction, Right Away

Then there’s the magic it works on client relationships. Transparency and efficiency aren’t just buzzwords; they’re your tickets to building trust and satisfaction. When clients see how organized and on top of things you are, thanks to Kerika boards that keep everything clear and updated, they’re more than happy. They’re confident in your work, leading to a stronger partnership and, yes, more projects down the line.

Managing Complexity

Handling big, complex projects? That’s where Kerika shines even brighter. Instead of feeling swamped by the scale of work, you’ve got a clear roadmap. Every task, every document, every update, it’s all in one task card, making it simpler to see the big picture and the tiny details. No aspect of the project is too big or too small to manage. 

This way, you can keep everything moving smoothly, ensuring that every part of the project gets the attention it deserves. For freelancers, this means you can take on more ambitious projects with confidence, knowing you’ve got the tools to handle the complexity.


Kerika stands out as an indispensable ally for freelancers navigating the complexities of task and project management. Its intuitive design and robust features offer a seamless workflow, turning potential challenges into smooth sailing experiences. 

From jumping straight into productivity with all essential information at your fingertips to building trust and satisfaction among clients, Kerika addresses the multifaceted needs of freelancers. It simplifies managing large and complex projects, ensuring you can tackle any task with confidence and efficiency.

Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar is the founder & CEO of Kerika. Prior to starting Kerika, Arun worked in consulting, data services, financial services and software development.