How to Find Creative Projects on Twine

How to Find Creative Projects on Twine

Collaborating is a fantastic way to grow your creative skills, meet other people and have some fun. On Twine, we have everything from free collaborations to paid freelance projects, so you’re sure to find some creative projects that fit your talent and taste!

Creatives who have collaborated on Twine have gone on to land bigger clients, linked up with industry pros, and found repeat paid work, so we’re pretty proud of what they’ve achieved.

We make it simple to get involved with creative projects, so even if you’ve never collaborated before, we’ll show you how.

The first step is finding a brief that you want to work on – head to our project briefs page where you’ll see all the current opportunities:


At the top of each creative project brief, you’ll see a blue label that tells you what that project requires.

For example, if you’re a music producer, look for posts labeled Music Producer to find people looking for your skills. To filter the board by role, type your role into the filter menu on the left, then select your role from the dropdown.

To learn more about a project, click the blue ‘More >’ text link under the description. You’ll then see the project brief page, which will give you more detail.

If you want even more information, get in touch with the person who posted the brief. Just go to their portfolio page and send them a message. You can also check out their previous work on their portfolio page to give you an idea of the kind of project they usually work on!

Once you’ve found a project brief that really excites you, it’s time to pitch.

Hit the green ‘Pitch’ button on the project brief, and write your pitch. Think of it as a bit like a job application – you should say why you’re the best person for the project and tell them about your relevant skills. It’s then up to the buyer to pick the person they want to work with.

To give you the best chance of success, we’re going to let you in on some top tips: it might be obvious but the best-written pitches are the most successful when it comes to hiring…

Our guide to writing pitches will show you the dos and don’ts. However, the biggest deciding factor will be your portfolio – so make sure it’s up to scratch! There are lots of helpful articles that explain how to get the best from your portfolio.


You’ll receive an email notification from us to let you know if your pitch has been successful, so keep an eye on your Twine inbox!

Once your pitch is accepted, it’s on to the fun bit – working together. Our blog is full of articles that can help you work together more seamlessly, from working with creatives from different industries, to how to stay safe when paying online. Every Twine project is different, but we’re always on hand if you need help at any step of the way.

If you’re unsuccessful don’t let it get you down – it happens to us all. Try asking for feedback and comments on why you weren’t selected. You’ll probably get some useful constructive criticism that’ll help you next time around.

Once the project is finished, make sure it gets uploaded to Twine! We love to see what our members create, and we feature the 3 best Twine collaborations on our staff picks page every week.

Make sure you credit your role on the project, so you get the recognition you deserve.

What next? Don’t stop there, start pitching on other projects and grow your creative career!

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Joe Scarffe

Joe is the CMO at Twine.

When he’s not moaning about the state of the music industry or public transport in Manchester, he works with the Twine community and handles social media, the blog and partnerships with companies and institutions.