5 Invoicing Tips For Freelancers That Want To Get Paid Faster

If you’re waiting around for freelance clients to pay you and watching the invoice due date fly by, your accounting software isn’t doing its job. To get paid on time you need to do these essential things:

1. Use customizable & beautifully-designed templates

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your business, reputation, and brand, so why ruin that by sending ugly invoices created on Word or Excel? Create invoices that match your ambitions using Solna’s easy, stylish templates. With our customisation tools you can easily add a logo, modify the colours, adjust the fonts, and customise the default email sent with every invoice.

2. Track every invoice from sending to payment

Track exactly who’s viewed your invoices so you can chase your customers if and when they’re late. Late payment is a normal part of life for most freelancers so you should be aware of who your most and least reliable clients and customers are. The Solna dashboard is like your mission control where you can see the most important figures at a glance. You can dig into the numbers when you have a bit of time, but the clear dashboard makes checking the facts a lot quicker.

3. Create recurring invoices

Your customers will get nudged several days before an invoice is due, and several days after it’s overdue, until they pay. Or you can choose the dates. It’s the most effective way for freelancers and small business owners to manage their cash flow without having to physically go and chase them yourself. Let Solna automatically chase payments for you so you can focus on the important stuff.

4. Create recurring invoices

It’s every freelancer’s goal to find regular paying clients. Make invoicing them a doddle with recurring invoices that remember the right details, amounts, and data automatically. Your clients will know when they need to pay like clockwork and you can just get on with your work.

5. Use online payments

Allow your clients to conveniently pay you online through your invoice payment portal. Your clients can make payments straight from the invoice with their card with just a couple of clicks or do it the old fashioned way through bank transfer. Freelancers spend a lot of their time on invoicing admin and trying to get paid reliably. Solna’s easy, automatic invoicing features mean you can focus on what’s really important. Oh, and it’s free. Forever.

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Solna is the financial companion freelancers and small businesses have been waiting for. It automates the admin of invoice cash collection, offers intelligent insights, and helps you protect your cash flow.