Are You A Potential Client? How To Handle A Freelance Call

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Are you going to be a freelancer’s next potential client? Well, that all depends… on the call.

You know what the call is – the call between freelancer and client, where the project is fleshed out, and the gritty details laid out in full.

If you want to make your project a success, you need to actually talk to your freelancer. If you can’t meet in person – we’re dealing with unprecedented times, as of late – a call is the next best thing.

But what are the bases you need to cover in a call? In order to have the best work relationship possible, you need to make sure your call is multi-faceted, so your freelancer can help you find new customers.

Questions a Potential Client Would Ask:

client consulting a freelancer on best methods for project

“How can I help you do the best possible job on this project?”

This question is a great one.

Not only is it open-ended, but it also allows your freelancer to decide how they want the working relationship to be – for example, how often they want to communicate with you, as the prospective client, and what feedback they’ll need as they work on the project.

They can also let you know if they need any specific materials to really make the project shine – for instance, maybe they’d like a more comprehensive document on your brand if they’re designing a logo or similar. You’re putting yourself in a good light as a client, by showing that rather than leaving them high and dry, you’re invested and willing to provide support.

freelancer looking at client brief with confused expression

“Is there anything in the brief you need me to clarify or explain?”

We would argue this is probably the most crucial question.

The last thing you want is for the freelancer to massively misinterpret your brief, and produce work that won’t secure you any potential customers!

During your freelance call is the time to check that your hired freelancer is crystal clear on everything. If you’re worried about a certain element, get them to explain it back to you, so you can correct any glaring errors before they become a problem.

Also, make sure they feel comfortable enough to call back if something becomes confusing later on.

client checking phone for updates from their freelancer

“Are you clear on who you’re reporting to on this project?”

Your freelancer reporting to the wrong person can actually be a total nightmareespecially in bigger companies.

The last thing you want is them being given conflicting information from the wrong source, or for their project to get lost altogether. Any good potential client will make it clear who is overseeing the project, and who a freelancer should call with any issues.

“Are you happy using *insert payment method here*?”

A potential client will get the payment aspect sorted out long before the freelancer has to worry about it. Remember, this is their livelihood – so treat it with the respect and attention it deserves. This also has the added benefit of reassuring your freelancer that you do intend to pay!

Potential clients often use many different methods to pay freelancers, with the most popular being PayPal or bank transfer – check out our extensive, freelancer-approved list here.

Ready to Handle a Freelance Call?

client looking worried about handling a freelance call

We hope these quick tips pointed you in the right direction for taking on a freelance call. Remember, a potential client should be transparent, patient, and most importantly, fair. Don’t be one of those hellish prospective clients, valuing a cheap deal over an excellent result!

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