Partner Programme for Twine Enterprise

You might have heard Twine is now working with agencies. But we have even more awesome news, we’ve launched our partner programme.

If you refer an agency to us you will earn 25% of Twine’s revenue for all work they put through Twine in the first 12 months. For example, if they add 10 large projects on Twine thanks to your referral, even if you don’t work on all of them, you will earn 25% of Twine’s revenue for those projects. That’s more money in your pocket just for a referral 🙂


If you refer 5 agencies that posts $10,000 worth of projects on Twine per month for a year then you would earn approximately $30,000. This is even if you didn’t work on any of those projects and did nothing but the initial referral.

If you refer 1 agency that hires only 1 creative on a rate of £250 per day, for 20 days per month for the full year. You would earn $1500.

Referral Links

Your partner programme link you share needs to be in the following format (replacing YOURUSERNAME with your Twine username):

You can change your username in your Twine settings.

Warning: if you changed your username after you refer people, your referral revenue might not be tracked.

Promotional Material

Here is a logo asset pack

Here is some copy explaining the benefits of Twine for an agency:


For agencies, it’s a constant challenge to hire freelancers. Every day, agencies hire creative freelancers in order to meet a client’s need for content. This is especially true in the creative departments.

The main problem they face is not finding quality creative freelancers which they trust, leading to slower business growth. Today, their best options are freelance marketplaces but, of course, they lack the required quality. With marketing becoming more important, the problem will only get worse over time.


Twine is a better way to hire creative freelancers, so agencies can grow their business faster and have more engaged customers.

Twine gives you access to over 220,000 quality creatives globally, broadening your network to expand and contract for client requirements but also for niche creative requirements.

Twine’s commission rate is lower than recruiters. Starting at 10% for day rate hires.



For any enquiries, click here and put the subject as “Enterprise Partner Programme”

Partner Programme Terms

  • You must use our referral link, so the company is tracked.
  • The commission rate is 25% of Twine’s revenue.
  • Twine’s revenue is 20% of a project or 10% of a dayrate hire, minus payment processing fees and taxes.
  • Revenue is only earned on completed projects.
  • We will provide monthly reports of revenue earned.
  • We will pay by PayPal, wire transfer, SEPA (EU) or electronic transfer (UK only).
  • Payments are made monthly.
  • Commission is earned for the first 12 months from when the referred party signs up.
  • Payments are only made once an invoice is supplied to Twine.
  • Our partner agreement needs to be signed by you, which will be supplied after your first referral.
  • You do not represent Twine and should not act if you are employed by us.
  • You may use our logo as represented in our terms and conditions.