5 Useful Ways Bublup Rolls Can Level Up Your Business

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In business, it’s no secret that professionalism is key. How we present ourselves, how we present our business, and how we communicate and share information all factor into the impression we give to the world. What if we told you that one simple Bublup feature could help you level up your business in more ways than one? Five, to be exact. Read on to discover the five most useful ways you can use a Bublup Roll to boost your business.

If “Bublup Roll” is a new term for you, think of them as instant websites that can be created with just a few clicks. Any content saved in a Bublup folder can be turned into a Roll. You can upload any media types to a folder, create a Roll, and you’ll see your items beautifully displayed under a single URL. The Roll is fully customizable with various themes, colors, and layouts to choose from.

Pitch Deck

If you’ve ever had to create a pitch deck for a client or a sponsor, you know that it can be a lot of work. Crafting the pitch content is a time consuming task in itself, but then comes the matter of making it look nice. Making it look impressive. A Bublup Roll is a great option for presenting a pitch, and for putting one together fast! 

You have the ability to organize your pitch content in a beautiful folder and get it just right before you turn it into a Roll. Subfolders allow you to create sections for the various parts of your pitch, for example: budget, timeline, research, etc, and different themes and fully customizable colors give you the flexibility to create a presentation that suits your business best.

Professional mountain biker Mark Matthews is a big fan of using Bublup to send his pitches to sponsors. Here’s how he explained his experience:

“I was able to present everything cleanly, submit it via a custom web link instead of an attachment, and present all the content on one page. The provided “Showcase” theme was perfect for this function and laid out all the information in a way that was very easy to consume visually. I could include way more detail than a PDF document but use up less space. For example, I loved being able to include a photo of each team member and link directly to their website. I could customize the Roll with my own branding, thanks to Bublup’s premium Roll features.”

Read more about Mark and how he uses Bublup Rolls in his blog here.

Professional Portfolio

Having a good looking portfolio can be the difference between getting a job or getting a “better luck next time.” While your portfolio content itself is extremely important, how it’s presented should also be a priority. Creating a portfolio with Bublup is quick, easy, and aesthetically pleasing. No matter the media type, you can upload your work into a Bublup folder and then showcase it beautifully with a Roll. Whether you’re a photographer, a writer, a graphic designer, or a professional basket weaver, a Roll can be customized to suit your style and bring you more business.

As content creator Lauren Carey described, “There are many options out there for creating a portfolio, such as a website or PDF, but I chose Bublup because I can make one in five minutes and showcase ANY kind of media type with it.” 

Read more about making a creative portfolio in Lauren’s blog here. 


In the professional world, sending content is always a struggle- especially when it comes to big files. Oftentimes the attachment is too large, or the receiver doesn’t have the right permissions to view the document you sent. Sound familiar? If you’ve ever sent an email with 10 photo attachments, we implore you to consider a Roll!

Uploading the content you want to send into a Bublup folder and turning it into a Roll not only eliminates the aforementioned problems, it also impresses the receiver with an eye-catching website that organizes the content in an easily digestible way. Best of all, the recipient can download the content directly from the Roll and share it easily with others simply by sending the Roll’s URL.

If you frequently share deliverables with clients, learn more about doing so with a stylish Bublup Roll in this blog here.


If your job description calls for frequent reporting, creating a Roll may be both a timesaver and a lifesaver. Similar to the benefits of using a Roll for a pitch deck, presenting important company statistics, campaign results, or your quarterly update can all be organized and presented beautifully in the format of a Roll. 

If you are required to share your report in a presentation over say, a Zoom call, you can pull up the Roll and share your screen. In doing so, you’ll have a neatly organized visual to accompany your presentation that can be easily shared with the group during or after.


When it comes to sharing a large amount of content or information in the workplace, a Roll is always a helpful solution. Perhaps you’ve been tasked with doing a competitive analysis and compiled a ton of research on your company’s competitors. A Roll is a great way to present your findings. Alternatively, you might be tasked with consolidating all of your company’s creative assets. If you share them in a Roll, everyone has access and the ability to download the content. 

In Summary

If you’re looking to be efficient, productive, and impressive in the workplace, using Bublup Rolls to share and present information is a great place to start. From pitch decks to portfolios, and reports to research, Rolls are an intuitive solution that are easy to create, nice to look at, and simple to share. Start using Bublup to share your professional content today!


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