6 myths about royalty free music

You might have heard some of the negative stereotypes about royalty free music.

It’s poor quality, it’s difficult to edit and is not worth the hassle.

But these days, this just simply isn’t true. Whether you need music for a corporate video or explainer video, a short film or a documentary, the quality and range of library music is astoundingly good.

In this article we’re going to debunk some of the negative stereotypes about royalty free music with our partner, Soundstripe, and show you just what you can get for your money in 2018 to wow your clients no matter what style you need.

MYTH 1: Royalty free music is poor quality

Years ago, it used to be the case that royalty free music was terrible quality. Tinny MIDI tracks were the best you could expect to get unless you hired a composer, but that’s definitely a thing of the past.

These days, you don’t have to sacrifice quality by using library music. Soundstripe has led an industry revolution by hiring top-professional composers to make stunning quality music. That’s right, they’re blessed to be in the heart of Music City in Nashville and have great relationships with some of the world’s most talented composers and music producers. They are ensuring that they are providing nothing but the best quality of music.

Soundstripe hand-selects every song that goes into their catalog and meticulously curates each playlist with the most relevant songs. We know how important it is to deliver the best quality work, which is why we do exactly the same on Twine so that you know you’re getting the best quality.

Home music studio full of musical instruments

MYTH 2: The range of music is terrible

Yes, it’s true that the selection of library music out there used to be dreadful. One jazz track, a couple of dance tracks, maybe some folk and ethnic tracks is about the best you could get. This couldn’t be further from reality these days.

Today the range of music available is truly astounding. Just about every genre, tempo and instrument combination you can imagine is at your fingertips.

MYTH 3: If you cancel your license then you’ll face copyright issues

This used to be one of the biggest problems with using music libraries. If you cancelled your membership, then you’d face the threat of losing all the copyright protections and have to spend ages sorting it out to make sure you don’t get sued.

Soundstripe strives to keep your licenses safe. Each time you download a song for final use from the site, it is licensed in perpetuity. This means any song you license and use in projects you create while you are a Soundstripe member, remain legally licensed forever.

Soundstripe offers a single royalty-free license that covers you no matter what your video is used for. No complicated agreements or usage restrictions. Simple as that. Soundstripes’ unlimited licensing model is one-of-a-kind in the industry.

Musician in studio editing royalty free music

MYTH 4: I’ll get no support if a claim is made against me

Soundstripe makes disputing the claim really simple! They have a claim resolution system that asks you to explain your claim and you just have to simply write, “Licensed through Soundstripe.” That should take care of it, but if you continue to have issues, then just reach out and their excellent customer service team and they will help you get it sorted quickly.

MYTH 5: The tracks will be used by tons of other people

You want the music to stand out and sound fresh. Using the same string quartet sample just won’t hack it.

You can now select tracks by their emotional quality rather than just genre and filter by the instruments used. Soundstripe add new tunes to their library every Friday, and generally add around 200 new, quality tracks each and every month. So you don’t need have to keep regurgitating the same tracks for every client.

MYTH 6: Royalty Free Music is a waste of money

Gone are the days where you’d have to pay hundreds of pounds a month to get access to a small library of music. These days, the cost of music libraries is really impressive for the quality and range of music you can get.

For example, Soundstripe’s unlimited music license is just $15 a month and 25% off with a yearly subscription. That’s less than a meal out every month for 200 quality unique new tracks every month!

Also remember that Soundstripe don’t just chuck any old music into their library, they hire professional composers and curate only the best professional level music. Your membership unlocks unlimited licenses for every song so you can concentrate on delighting clients and no worries about licensing issues down the road.

Click here to listen to their library for yourself.

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