Introducing The New Freelancer Toolkit

Today marks an exciting milestone for Twine! I am thrilled to share that our highly anticipated Freelancer Toolkit v2 is officially live on Product Hunt. I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our incredible team members, Jake Bridge, Nikunj Mandhanya, and Raksha Talapady, for their unwavering dedication in curating over 500 essential tools across 29 categories, tailored to meet the unique needs of freelancers.

If you have a moment, I invite you to explore the enhanced Freelancer Toolkit v2 on Product Hunt and show your support by leaving valuable feedback. Your support is invaluable, not just to us but to the broader freelance community, as it empowers freelancers worldwide to reach new heights in their professional journey.

At Twine, we are passionate about providing freelancers with the resources they need to thrive and succeed. With the Freelancer Toolkit v2, we aim to streamline workflows, boost productivity, and unlock new possibilities for freelancers across the globe. Join us in this exciting chapter and let’s continue shaping the future of freelancing together. Thank you for being part of the Twine community.

We’ve collated 523 different apps and tools that are perfect for freelancers and solopreneurs. Here are my favourite 10:

1. Harlow – The Ultimate Freelancer Business Management Tool

Harlow is your go-to tool for all aspects of managing your freelance business. From invoicing and proposals to contracts, task management, and time tracking, Harlow does it all. Stay organized, streamline your workflow, and ensure smooth client interactions with this comprehensive tool.

2. ConvertKit – Grow and Monetize Your Audience

ConvertKit is a marketing hub tailored for creators, helping you expand and monetize your audience. With features like landing pages, email outreach, and e-commerce capabilities, ConvertKit empowers you to build and nurture your community while driving your freelance business forward.

3. Procreate – Unleash Your Digital Artistry

For freelancers in the creative realm, Procreate is the ultimate digital illustration app for iPad. With a robust set of tools, Procreate allows you to bring your artistic vision to life with detailed sketches, paintings, and animations.

4. Thunkable – Create Custom Mobile Apps Without Coding

Thunkable makes mobile app development accessible to everyone, even those without coding knowledge. Build custom mobile apps using a visual interface and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. Say goodbye to writing code and embrace the power of Thunkable. Explore Thunkable on Twine.

5. – AI-Powered Copy Generation at Scale

Efficient marketing requires compelling copy, and has you covered. Harness the power of AI-generated copy to save time and create engaging content. From writing ads to crafting captivating social media posts, is your secret weapon for efficient and effective marketing strategies.

6. UndockHQ – Simplify Scheduling and Video Conferencing

Undock takes your scheduling game to the next level. From booking meetings to video conferencing, Undock offers a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline your client interactions and ensure smooth communication.

7. Hover – Find the Perfect Domain for Your Online Portfolio

Building your online portfolio starts with finding the perfect domain. Hover simplifies the domain search process, making it easy to discover the ideal domain name that aligns with your personal brand and showcases your work effectively. Explore Hover on Twine.

8. Portfoliobox – Create Stunning Websites for Your Creative Work

Portfoliobox is a web-building platform designed specifically for creatives. With unique templates and customizable features, you can create a stunning website that beautifully showcases your work and attracts potential clients.

9. Stack – Boost Productivity with an Innovative Web Browser

Stack offers a unique web browser designed for productivity. Organize your bookmarked sites and apps as cards and spaces, providing a clutter-free browsing experience. Take control of your online work environment and boost your productivity with Stack.

10. Bublup – Collaborate and Manage Projects Visually

Bublup is the ultimate tool for visually bringing together your work, uploading and storing projects, and collaborating seamlessly with clients. Whether you need to share files, gather feedback, or organize project assets, Bublup provides a streamlined and intuitive platform to keep your projects on track and ensure efficient collaboration. Discover the power of Bublup for your freelance projects.

In conclusion, Twine’s Freelancer Toolkit is a game-changer for freelancers and solopreneurs. With its vast collection of over 500 essential tools, this toolkit empowers you to enhance your productivity, organization, and success in the freelance world. Whether you’re managing your business, marketing your services, creating stunning art, or streamlining project management, Twine’s Freelancer Toolkit has you covered. Explore the full range of tools available and take your freelance game to new heights. Get started today and unlock your full potential as a freelancer with Twine’s Freelancer Toolkit!

Stuart Logan

The CEO of Twine. Follow him on Twine and on Twitter @stuartlogan – As the Big Boss, Stuart spends his days in a large leather armchair, staring out over the Manchester skyline while smoking a cigar and plotting world domination. (He doesn’t really). Originally from Salisbury, UK, he studied computer science at Manchester University but was always keen to break into the exciting world of start-ups, and was involved in a number of ventures before finalising his plans for Twine. When not wearing his chief executive hat (metaphorically speaking) he enjoys harbouring unrealistic expectations for Manchester United’s future success and live music.