Freelance Web Hosting: Boost Your Freelance Career and Income

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Web hosting, in particular freelance web hosting, is a skill that’s never been needed more than right now.

As we go deeper into the digital age, the global workforce is beginning to notice significant shifts. For many, the regular 9 to 5 workday is becoming outdated, and freelancers are stepping in.

Considering the current global pandemic and the advance in technology, going remote has never been more enticing. In fact, recent statistics show that freelancers now represent about 35% of the global workforce, with staggering increases over the last 5 years.

The competition has never been more fierce – freelance jobs are on the increase, needing a variety of skills such as web development, graphic design, video editing, and more.

So, how can freelancers distinguish themselves from the competition? How easy is it to advance their freelance careers, and enhance their earnings?

Well, aside from being good at what you do – collaborating with the right web hosting company could be a simple solution to these many queries.

Want to know the secret to ultimate freelance success? Read on…

Create Your Own Site – Showcase Your Skills

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One of the most important things you can do to stand out as a freelancer is to have a dedicated website for your freelance business. Having a strong website is one way to easily boost your online presence, along with any social media platforms you may be using.

A website increases your visibility and communicates that you’re a professional and you can be trusted. Your portfolio, content, and testimonials demonstrate that you are serious about doing business, as well as demonstrating clearly to potential clients what you are capable of. 

However, simply having a website is not enough. You need a 10/10, show-stopping website to make moves in the freelance world!

You need a website with a beautiful design, that stands out from the competition whilst following current trends. You need a website that’s always up and running, with no interruptions – a website that is secure to manage your content and your clients. Also, a website that has a fast and reliable performance is a huge bonus.

Now, creating and maintaining your own website might sound like a second job altogether, but freelance web hosting – is where a good web hosting company comes in handy…

By entrusting your website to the right hosting provider, you can eliminate all of the hassle associated with creating/maintaining a functional website.

Nowadays, hosting companies deliver more than just a server of which to host your website. Some of them actually provide you with professional tools for easy website launch and website management.

Good hosting companies will take care of your website’s speed and security – which is very useful, especially if you don’t have that experience. And, even if you do, a good web hosting provider can save you a lot of time and trouble by doing most of the work for you by default.

Trusted by the owners of over 2.8 Million domains worldwide, SiteGround hosting is your ticket to a high-performance, easy-to-manage website. It’s also a great Bluehost alternative too!

Clients from around the world all choose SiteGround. Why? Because of the simple yet powerful website management tools, and unique in-house solutions they craft to make websites run faster and safer. Check out the testimonial below from Maua Gang:

With SiteGround, you can launch functional sites in minutes, as well as work on optimization and management within just a few clicks. Their automated in-house tools are designed for both newbies and experienced users, so everyone can get involved, no matter your level of expertise. Also, you’ll have their industry-leading customer service on your side, which receives around a 98% satisfaction rate each year!

Increase Your Income with Affiliate Marketing

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We won’t sugarcoat it – being a freelancer entails some risks.

The most common risk being, will you be able to attract a steady number of projects each month? The internet provides limitless opportunities for earning a living online, but sometimes you may find yourself in a particularly dry spell

Enter: affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one such way of boosting your freelance earnings. Essentially, it is a method of making a passive income, by promoting a product or service that you truly believe in. 

You already have a client base – why not provide them with a ground-breaking product/service, while also meeting your financial goals by earning a commission? When you join an affiliate program, the company is usually there to help you succeed. You need to find a program that appeals to you, so you can easily market the product or service, and refer it to your client base. The best part is that you have nothing to lose because becoming an affiliate with SiteGround is free.

We discussed the importance of having a dedicated website to showcase your work, so you can consider your hosting provider’s affiliate program as a good way to diversify your income. Whether you are a developer, designer, marketing specialist, or literally anyone – as long as you believe in the quality of service, you’re an excellent candidate to represent SiteGround.

It’s easy to recommend SiteGround hosting solutions: they offer newbies the most effortless onboarding process, along with seamless site creation and a rich set of tools for the more advanced users. They also provide a 1-month free trial so that you can experience their service yourself and decide, in your own time, whether to recommend them.

As an affiliate, you’ll receive engaging visuals to attract visitors, as well as reliable in-house tracking and additional campaign tools. You also get excellent support from their affiliate managers, who are committed to helping you succeed by providing personalized tips and best practices to help you earn more.

Join forces with SiteGround to easily generate passive income additional to your freelance work! 

Boost Your Career – Resell Hosting Services 

siteground graphic demonstrating how reselling services work with web hosting

Web hosting is the foundation for blogs, business websites, online shops, podcasts, and almost any other online resource.

So, as well as being totally independent, freelance web developers/web designers, you can also expand your services, by reselling a web hosting service as part of your portfolio! Not only is freelance web hosting a great way to increase your income, but it’s also a surefire way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

One of the biggest advantages of becoming a reseller is that you’re not directly involved in the hosting itself – all the management, support and billing is 100% handled by the hosting provider. Phew! Your role is the liaison between the hosting provider and your clients – in case there are any issues.

Here are a few pointers for when you’re considering reselling a hosting provider:

  • At least 99% uptime
  • High performance and security scores
  • High customer service satisfaction
  • Rich pool of additional tools for professionals
  • Easy scalability and intuitive interface

No matter the service or product, a reseller’s job will be only easy if you choose a reliable provider.  

Luckily for you, SiteGround is that reliable provider!

SiteGround gives you all the tools needed to resell hosting – this includes white-label hosting, and the ability to manage multiple client sites from a single, user-friendly dashboard. The platform also provides you with tons of useful features like free SSL, unlimited email accounts, daily backups, and much more.

Many professional developers prefer SiteGround because of their developer tool stack, including WordPress Staging, WP_CLI, SSH, PHP version control, Git integration, MySQL manager, and more. All these tools, all-in-one place, help you develop faster and give you control over the environment.

You can also grant different levels of access to your clients and even invite collaborators to your projects, without them having to be SiteGround clients. SiteGround has expert support, so you can rely on them for any hosting-related issue you may encounter – their service and assistance make reselling easier and site management much more efficient. 

Aside from reselling, SiteGround‘s platform is crafted to ease the workflow of freelancers and agencies alike.

They specialize in simplifying the process of creating and managing multiple sites for clients – for example, when you finish a client’s website, you can easily transfer ownership to them with just a few clicks. As part of the transfer process, you can recommend the best hosting plan and additional services as part of your client’s next steps. You can also continue to work on that site as a collaborator, by simply checking a box! 

So, when it comes to freelance web hosting – whether you are looking to expand your services, or looking for an alternative way to boost your income, SiteGround can help you on both fronts. And, you can tie everything in your project nicely together with proper project management software. When you’re using the best software for your unique business, you may just find yourself being a lot more productive and efficient.

Easy, right? Get started today.

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