Payment Processing for Freelancers: A Complete Guide

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It’s the crescendo of a completed project. The glory of landing a new client. The sweet, sweet cha-ching of a job well done. You guessed right—we’re talking about getting paid. In today’s freelance world, payment processing is a must-have.

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More importantly, this article will show you what it takes to create a frictionless payment process your clients will love.

Let’s get into it.

Crafting a smooth payment process

An efficient payment process is good for everyone. Clients will benefit from a secure, simple, stress-free experience. You, on the other hand, benefit from automated reminders, a smoother workflow, and getting paid faster.

When it comes to collecting payments, it’s best to follow a process that removes as much friction as possible. To do that, we’ll cover everything that needs to happen before, during, and after payment.

Quick checklist for collecting payments

  1. Gather client information
  2. Combine contract, invoice, and payment into one step
  3. Offer both credit card and bank transfers
  4. Set up automatic billing and payment reminders
  5. Choose all-in-one client management software 

Gather client information

First, understand new clients and their needs. This may seem obvious, but getting on the same page early on sets you up for a positive relationship. 

To do this, HoneyBook makes it easy to respond to new client inquiries with a branded intake questionnaire and more information about your services.

This lets you gather client information, understand needs, and scope the project before scheduling a call or initial kick-off meeting.

Combine invoice, contract, and payment in one step

When clients are ready to move forward, you should be, too. That’s why HoneyBook combines the typically booking process of invoicing, contract, and payment into one step. 

Building your client experience in HoneyBook means all your files work together. Your client’s service selections get automatically tallied into your invoice. Those services and prices are then listed in your contract. So, when it comes time for payment, everything is good to go.

Depending on your line of work, you can adjust your payment structure to accommodate things like deposits, retainer fees, hourly rates, or scheduled payments. Contracts keep everyone aligned with the project scope and terms. Clients will have time to ask any final questions before signing and paying, but it’s all combined to make things easy for you and even easier for your clients. 

Offer both credit card and bank transfers

Asking a client to pay your personal Venmo or PayPal account can feel a bit, well, icky. And if you’re still accepting cash or check, it’s time to up your game. Remember, this is a critical step. The last thing you want to do is instill doubt that you’re a top-tier professional.

The solution? Provide options they’re used to, put them in control, and make them feel at ease. With HoneyBook, you meet them halfway and give them the option to pay for your services the same way they pay for everything else.

Set up automatic billing and payment reminders

When you’re juggling multiple clients, it can be challenging to keep track of different payment schedules and due dates. Plus, there’s nothing more awkward than asking clients about an outstanding payment.

You can send automatic payment reminders without lifting a finger, with HoneyBook. Recurring billing automatically invoices clients when it’s time, while payment reminders can gently nudge them near the due date to make sure they know a payment is coming up. Automated payment processing reminders also reduce stress when you don’t need to worry about where a project stands.

Choose an all-in-one client management software

As a freelancer, you can either find a one-off payment processing service or an all-in-one solution that handles payments and everything else. 

HoneyBook provides everything you need to take clients on a delightful journey from inquiry to invoice to final payment. 

Using the same platform for proposals, invoices, contracts, and payments keeps everything organized and creates a better client experience (and saves some time for yourself).

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