Receive payments from abroad using Airtm

In the dynamic freelance world, where flexibility and freedom are essential, financial challenges, such as receiving payments and converting currencies, can be significant obstacles, especially for those in regions with currency restrictions. In countries like Argentina, where access to dollars is limited by political and economic issues, popular platforms like PayPal are often not effective and accessible payment solutions.

Freelancers and digital nomads face particular difficulties receiving payments and trying to exchange currencies while traveling in Latin America. Currency fluctuations, high transaction fees and limited availability of currency exchange services create additional complications, requiring more adaptive and user-friendly solutions.

Founded eight years ago in the USA, Airtm allows their users to get paid from anywhere in the world, to add or withdraw funds from/to more than 400 payment methods and convert it in a stable coin called USDC through a peer-to-peer network. In countries where access to US dollars is limited, people face problems not only at the time to buy dollars but also -and especially- at the moment to receive dollars, for example, from professional services payments.

Benefits of Airtm

Using Airtm as a payment method comes with several benefits, making it an attractive choice for freelancers, businesses, and individuals. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Simplified conversion: Airtm uses USDC, a stable cryptocurrency pegged to the dollar, eliminating volatility and providing seamless currency conversion.
  • Low fees: Unlike other platforms, Airtm offers lower transaction fees, allowing freelancers to maximize their earnings.
  • Fast and simple transactions: You can complete transactions within minutes, ensuring that your funds are readily available when you need them.
  • Efficient withdrawal: With over 400 payment methods, Airtm allows you to withdraw funds in local currency quickly and effectively.
  • Amount in transactions: No minimum or maximum amounts.
  • Financial independence: Freelancers can use their USDC balance on a variety of services and convert as needed.
  • Support for Businesses: Airtm’s Enterprise Platform is tailored for businesses, providing advanced tools for efficient mass payments. This is particularly beneficial for companies that need to pay freelancers, contractors, or remote employees worldwide.

Airtm stands as a reliable and effective solution, especially for freelancers and digital nomads in Latin American countries. Airtm acts as a financial lifeline, providing a platform that transforms the way freelancers receive and withdraw payments, facilitating easy local currency conversion at competitive rates.

Airtm’s integration with Twine provides the opportunity to overcome financial barriers and operate more effectively in the international freelance environment, offering robust and flexible financial solutions to meet and overcome challenges in today’s freelance landscape. 

Airtm vs. others solutions

Transaction Fees2% + $0.30 per transaction2.9% + $0.30 perTransaction $1.00 per transaction
Transaction timeBusiness payouts and pay-ins are instantly confirmed. User withdrawals to local currency or conversions to USDC average 14 minutes. Standard transfers typically take 1-3 days, while instant transfers to both bank accounts and debit cards are processed in up to 30 minutes. Wire transfers take 1 working day, ACH payments require 1–3 working days, and international transfers from outside the US typically need 4–5 working days
Limits (minimum, maximum)no restrictions on minimum or maximum amountsFrom $0.01 USD with no upper limit for verified accounts, though there may be per-transaction caps up to $60,000.Up to $1 million per transaction with no daily or weekly caps. ACH bank debits have a maximum of $15,000 per transaction or day. Debit/credit card transactions are capped at $2,000 daily with a weekly limit of $8,000.
Withdrawal Methods400+ Payment Methods: banks, digital wallets, cryptocurrencies, gift cards and more.Pay over time, recurring payments and subscriptions, invoices and estimates, in-person payments, point of sale, QR Code Payments.Receive funds in over 9 currencies including USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, among others. Allows transactions via credit/debit cards, wire transfers, and ACH bank accounts.
Global Availability  190+ countries            Limited170+ countries           
Customer Support     24/7 live chat & email            Email support24/7 live chat & email 

How can I get an Airtm account?

To get an Airtm account, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Airtm website at

2. Click on the “Join now” button, located in the top right corner of the website

3. Enter your valid email address, create a password and verify your email

4. Complete your profile and set up security measures

5. Link payment methods and start receiving and sending money anywhere in the world


Twine, a thriving freelance marketplace connecting businesses with talented freelancers, has a strong presence in the United States, European Union, India, and several Latin American countries.

Airtm is the go-to choice for freelancers seeking an efficient and cost-effective way to receive their freelance earnings. We address the key challenges faced by freelancers, such as currency conversion and fees, and offer a comprehensive financial solution. We also know that international payments around the globe might be tricky and full of technical details, but we’ve mastered the art of last-mile payments so enterprises can handle this step easily and smoothly.

If you are a Twine user, don’t wait any longer! Open your Airtm account today and experience a revolution in your freelance transactions, maximizing your earnings and operating with the flexibility your lifestyle demands.