How to Be Promoted on Twine’s Instagram

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We love seeing all the paid work you get hired for every day. That’s why we’re introducing an opportunity to get your work promoted and your name out there as a designer. We have over 1 million Instagram followers. We want to give you access.

We’ve added a new benefit to the Twine Pro account: Instagram promotion.

When you sign up for a Twine Pro annual account, we’ll promote 3x pieces of your work to our relevant Instagram accounts. Alternatively, on a monthly Twine Pro account, you can be promoted once per 4-month period.

Our accounts often get over 1,000 likes per post and reach 10,000 people per post. That’s potentially 4,000 likes, which come from 40,000 people across four Instagram posts.

As well as promotion, a Twine Pro account gets you more paid work opportunities, 50 pitches a month (over 3x as many as the starter account), and unlimited projects in your portfolio.

To redeem this offer:

  1. First, ensure you are a Twine member by joining for free here.
  2. Sign up for a Twine Pro account here.
  3. Once subscribed, click here to fill in the promo form for each of your posts.

Note: All submissions must showcase your work and not be a direct promotion of your services

Twine Instagram showcase
Alternatively, you can purchase our Instagram showcase. Find out more here.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

I look forward to seeing your work!

Stuart Logan

The CEO of Twine. Follow him on Twine and on Twitter @stuartlogan – As the Big Boss, Stuart spends his days in a large leather armchair, staring out over the Manchester skyline while smoking a cigar and plotting world domination. (He doesn’t really). Originally from Salisbury, UK, he studied computer science at Manchester University but was always keen to break into the exciting world of start-ups, and was involved in a number of ventures before finalising his plans for Twine. When not wearing his chief executive hat (metaphorically speaking) he enjoys harbouring unrealistic expectations for Manchester United’s future success and live music.