What Are My Rights As a Freelancer?

Buyers can often think that a freelancer is just there to do their bidding.

But as a freelancer, you have very specific rights that are different from those of a regular employee.

Do you know what they are?

1. You have the right to work where you want

Don’t listen to any employer who demands you come and work in their office (where they can keep a closer eye on you).

You have no obligation to and in fact, they’re walking on thin ice in terms of employment law. You can work from wherever you like, even if that’s on a faraway beach in glorious sunshine (well, if it has WiFi!).

In this sense, a freelancer really is free and it’s one of the big perks of freelancing.

2. You have the right to work for more than one client at once.

Clients don’t have exclusive access to you when they hire you. If that’s what they want, they need to hire a full-time employee!

You are completely free to take on as much or as little work as you like, so don’t give in to clients who ask otherwise. After all, you’re trying to make a living!

3. You have the right to approach the project how you like

Although the client can obviously set guidelines and give you a brief, they can’t set strict instructions, or train you for the task.

As long as you meet the purpose of the brief and meet any deadlines, you can approach it in whatever order you fancy, using your own equipment.

Similarly, the client can’t stipulate that you work certain hours. If your working hours are between midnight and 6am, that’s your prerogative.

4. You have the right to subcontract the project

If it’s all getting a bit much and you won’t be able to meet the deadline, it’s perfectly okay to hire someone else to do the project, and although it’s probably polite to tell the client this, there’s no legal obligation to.


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